[BREZ] Branch Office Expansions and Union Day Celebrations

Greetings capsuleers, baseliners, and warclones alike!

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that in conjunction with Nugoeihuvi’s Studio Entertainment Group 37, Brezia Companion Services has expanded full branch offices to every Nugoeihuvi station in contiguous High Security Space across all four empires with the exception of the stations in Shokal and Poinen, where smaller, more minimal facilities are currently maintained.

These branch offices will coordinate many future Companion Services ventures, including the current grand openings of multiple bath houses, tea houses, and gaming parlors, and act as centerpoints and pleasure hubs for other respectable and discrete services available to assorted clientele.

Bath and tea houses currently being opened will reflect a wide cultural range, including Traditional Caldari (with the assistance of Nugoeihuvi Cultural Specialists from SEG-37), Traditional Achur (with great respect to this long tradition), Neopian Contemporary and Khanid Contemporary, as well as others.

A special discount is on offer for all patrons celebrating this Union Day.

All forms of corporate scrip, ISK, as well as local and regional currencies are currently accepted.

The Brezia Companion Services - Pleasure and Wellbeing, With Discretion


As someone involved with Nahol Nugoeihuvi, I find it appropriate to mention that the Brezia Companion Services are in no way associated with any facilities funded and sponsored by the Orus Board of Tourism, and that subjects of the Empire brought to the Planet VII, Moon 8 studio should be aware that any such services are not endorsed by, nor reflect the values of the BoT.

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