Decommission And Movement Of Companion Service Admin Hub and Commission of Companion Services Auxiliary Hub

Good day pilots,

As of two days ago now, the Companion Service Admin Hub Fortizar in Archavoinet finished its unanchor and successful retrieval of its Nano-scaffold and core, as well as a shift of a significant amount of items and material over to the refurbished station 30km off the Eugales gate in Archavoinet, including a significant amount of habitation, power stabilization, transportation, and leisure modules, and personnel, marking the shift of the Admin Hub’s main presence to this refurbished station.

At this time, all secondary Admin Operations are running, and leisure activities available stationside and we look forward to any that wish to visit this slightly adjusted location.

Additionally, as of one hour ago, the nano-scaffold for the Fortizar has finished redeployment to the system of Osmallanais off of Planet III, and has been renamed as the Companion Services Auxiliary Hub, and is in the process of being moduled for operation, and limited megastructural and geo-engineering support to create ready access to robust planetside resort areas constructed on legally purchased shallow zones and atolls on the surface of planet III.

Thank you for your time and consideration, we look forward to seeing you at the Brezia Companion Services.


Will the new location offer Soda Vacante?

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I wonder whether your companion services provide combat companions? Baseliners? Capsuleers?

Asking for a friend.

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I’d like to first say, the interest is appreciated.

I’d like to follow on with, in some cases our Companions are trained in the arts of battle and war, and a number are Warclones or have Warclone-Adjacent augmentations and can take contracts of that nature in conjunction with their usual activities, however usually under the banner of the Sain baina Shar.Meyzmul Pruuzan Accordiat when they take purely combat oriented assignments.

That in mind the Companion Services in and of itself is, to put it bluntly, a Wellness and Pleasure service provider. What you might describe as an escort service that includes but is not limited to physical companionship, medical, sexual, and cybernetic health services, breeding consultation, and general pleasures. This perhaps may dull your interests.