Bridge Not Jump - Nulsec corp recruiting now!

Bridge Not Jump is a tight-knit group of mostly veteran players looking for miners, ratters, and pvp’ers to join our laid back corporation.
We are located in the Drone Lands and have our own system with infrastructure setup for all interests and needs.
If you want some space to mine, rat, build, do P.I., and get rich then we’re the organisation you’re looking for.

We are looking for players of all ages and in any timezone. We offer large fleet operations and smaller roams for those interested in pvp. Our experienced players are friendly and always willing to help.

We can provide:

_ Active, friendly, supportive community
_ Coalition and alliance fleets
_ Ship replacement program
_ Black ops
_ Intel channels providing continuous updates of hostile activity
_ Complete industrial network for any industrial activity
_ High yielding planetary interaction

**Authentication will be required to access Teamspeak and forums of the alliance.

Bridge Not Jump “B-J” is a member of Order 66, a sub group setup to help defend Brothers Of Tangra space.
Join us in our in-game chat channel Nameless BJs . We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Still looking for interested parties to come join us - Join us in our in-game chat channel Nameless BJs and chat with us about whats possible in our space!

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