Brighter Station Interiors

any chance the inside of NPC station and Structures could be turned up and given a some more colour please?

Edit: colours have an effect on the mind and even though the backgrounds of the game have been worked on substancially over the years especially out in space, i was hoping we could make the interiors more colourful. its my understanding that use of colours on the mind have been known to have a direct effect, so when you dock up from the darkness of space, there is some brightness effecting the players mind positively, at least thats the intention anyway.

thanks for reading.

Rather add view outside to NPC stations for avoid the annoying voices and ambient sounds.

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Turn the shadows down.

Alternately, spend less time in station. :grin:

The dark stations are a nice respite from the eyeball searing brightness of space at times.


Install light switches or dimmer switches, I agree stations are really dark.

Or put windows in the station to let the SUN light in…

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It also adds to the dystopian theme the game is supposed to have. Dystopias are not bright and cheerful.

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Bad take. It’s popular for modern media to make the middle ages all dark and dreary, but it was actually really colorful. Why would a future dystopia be any different?

There are certainly parts of the game where the aesthetic you’re talking about might be appropriate (such as in the Caldari State, where they treat their people like property. Soviet style brutalist architecture might seem a legitimate choice.)

So you tell me my take is bad because dystopias are actually colorful, then provide an example of dystopias that weren’t or aren’t colorful in Communist systems?

Do you even listen to yourself?

I provided examples of both.

People, of their own accord, will choose colors.

The colors being washed from everything, is due to the authoritarian nature of the soviet system.

It fits the Caldari society quite well, but the Caldari aren’t the whole of New Eden.

But even with the soviet culture, it’s not like their art was wholy without color.

There’s a whole lot at play, more than just dystopia = lack of color. And that’s why I said it was a bad take.

Nope, you obviously don’t listen to yourself.

Goodbye now. :roll_eyes: