Bring back limited builds slots( by volume)

(1)so in the past we had limited building slots and this was removed(because it removed people options to take part in construction pre cita.building a script would be like a volume of 1, building ammo would be like a volume of 50, frigate would be like 1000 battleshipe would be like 1 mil… say a station has a build volume of 10mil and each engineering complext goes up an order or magnitude) to make the cita spam good for something bring back limited builds per cita/station. the entire change of what im proposing is to make more players undock, currently a very large prtion of the things get built in jita4.4 just because of convinience and having jita as the one perm market hub is part of the stagnation. so adding limited build lines in stations and citadels would “force” players to move things around to build things in different places.
(2) remove brokers fees(will explain later). so the current plan to expand the jita slums is just gonna further the stagnation. instead have the system tax more flexible(between5% and 50% for the most used market) so this tax should trickle down to niegbouring systems droping like 5%system so if dudes wanna offshore they cant just move one jump over. the more fluid this is the more chances there are for players to take part. kill the current market api/reduce the procurement skill form 25 to 5 systems range. this would create broker as player job and make traders undock, go out and find the good deals…
(3) have a monthly tax for citadels (in hs 100 mil for the smallest up to 500 mil for the largest engineering complex, half price in lowsec, free in null/wh because they pay manhour tax) if the tax cant be deducted it goes into low power.
(conclusion), the limited build slots in combinatin with the variable taxes cause players in hs to spread out and create traffic. the spreading out creates chances for smaller corps to get into production and creates more overall marketing jobs. the hightend taxes create isk sinks

I don’t see what this will do in terms of “undocking”. It’ll just result in people swapping over to Perimeter even more and using the hundreds structures to build instead.

You’ll also be tangentially strengthening major nullsec coalitions who can easily afford to build and anchor dozens upon dozens of structures AND have the reliable manpower to protect them. Meaning they’ll make tons of bank off the taxes.

The only thing this will make in terms of undocking is people undock, warp from tether to tether and dock in another structure.

For future reference, OP, the correct progression of an idea is to identify a problem, and then gin up a solution that rectifies the problem without, itself, causing more problems.

You seem to have started with a solution, and then tried to scrounge up a reason for it to exist.


TBH on that system it did help to spread out industry and make said null sec alliances make choices in their outposts, it however did not allow you to change those choices as ihub upgrades and outposts were permanent. With how citadels are now trying to go back to that wont work because there is no 1 citadel limit per system for starters and POSs are being phased out which hurts the smaller groups.

It’s because the problem is pretty obvious : it’s the OP.
Seriously, I agree with you. IMO many people believe there is an issue, and give a solution without identifying the problem first.

We already have 2 super hubs and 3-4 minor hubs. Your suggestion in regards to taxes is nothing new, it would not improve anything. In contrast, it would only create more annoyance and frustration. Good job, you made feel even worse than it already is.

People can already get into production very easily. You can have your production just a few jumps from Jita or other hubs. You also have all the means available to create new or stock smaller hubs at competitive prices so that people buy there instead of Jita. The “problem” that most people do not do that is because the smaller hubs do not have everything available like Jita. Players can change that easily by just supplying Amarr or Dodi with more goods at competitive prices.

What your tax suggestions do, however, is not only what Scoots indicated (see TTT for reference). They also cause hubs to be less stocked because moving assets around is one of the most amazing and fun activities in EVE. Everyone loves moving around assets beyond anything else. Everyone wants to do that just about every day. Not.

The only thing I agree with is the first suggestion. Build slots must be limited again in particular for the hugest ships. But as long as CCP doesn’t forcefully remove most of them from EVE first, this is not going to help fix “subjective stagnation” in EVE either because it just makes it harder to build them to compete with the already established blocks.

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Slot limits provided an element of scarcity. I wouldn’t mind seeing limits return for NPC facilities - not sure it’s worth the effort given that most production is already in citadels.

Job cost is supposed to model increased demand for labor and facilities in heavily used systems and is a lever CCP can adjust fairly easily. Another potential lever is fuel. If fuel consumption increases linearly with the number of jobs, owners can build it into their fees and the additional fuel consumption will contribute to the game economy.

That’s just pointless. The production is being done in Upwell Structures. There it needs to be introduced.

This is an ineffective lever because of how many Sotiyos/Azbels/Raitarus you can just spread around your region. You wrecked one system? Great, move your compressed ore via titan bridge next door. This is just as pointless. Just look at the index of Perimeter.

That is another pointless lever. Not only for the same reason as above but also because the production in Null sec where big things are being produced are a lot lower than in other places like Ashab, Perimeter, New Caldari, Botane and others. The lever would have to be set so low to make an impact that it would impact areas a lot more where it should not have an impact.

what about adding, simply, fuel as a base cost of all manufacturing activities ?

What is that supposed to achieve? You just buy the necessary fuel blocks and keep on building just as many big things as before. It just got more expensive which is not an issue.

well no, in #2 the thing with flexible taxes would make perimeter bascially cost just as much as jita so you have to really go out a few jumps from the hub to get a bonus

people only stock the main market because theres no real drawback, irl if you wanna have a shop in the citycenter the costs are alot higher then somewhere on the outside of town. and things like having a space limit for cargo also arnt represented. right now theres no incentive to spread out or share the wealth. if the stuff has to get moved around its gonna ither put a manhourtax on the traders and proders or make them put out contracts for other dudes to make isk on.

All of what you describe already exists and is being used extensively.

That’s not an issue though. Jita already has some of the highest system taxes and that does not deter most people from continuing production there. For them, the convenience of the local market outweighs whatever extra tiny bit of isk they spend on taxes.

This same attitude will continue because eve players are lazy and predictable. Sure, a handful of people will leave and go build in places with lower taxes, but those people are already doing so, and thus won’t be relevant to the matter.

increase fuel cost, so that manufacturing is cheaper close to the places where fuel is created.

The fuel blocks are cheapest and most efficient to produce near hubs because there you get all the things you need. You are probably thinking that it’s cheapest near ice systems but there you do not get the necessary PI, nor do you get the necessary ice products in sufficient quantities. Hence, hubs beat spread. Congrats, you made it even more nonviable to spread out.

Then you need to reduce the PI production more when people are extracting it too much.

hub items cost more than if they were bought at the production area, for the simple fact that hauling is a cost.

The reason they are cheaper is because the low volume out of hubs make it not worth competing with trade-specialist toons.

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