Storage size and production lines

Long time ago there was limited number of concurrent executions of industriall and science jobs in stations. Because of … that was removed despite it was part of economic PVP and Eve is PVP game :rofl:

Unlimited storage space and hangar space in stations and limited in eg. Orcas, illogical and inconsistent!

My sugestion is to limit number of concurrent executions of industriall and science jobs in stations and citadels, and limit storage and hangar space in stations and citadells.

Or better get full ownership for your assets and introduce payment for lease storage and hangar space in stations and citadels. That will make game much more interesting then blow s*** up meta.


The mechanic was removed, because every build/research/invention slot would be filled to the max and you had to wait any where from days to Months even a year or more in que to use those slots.

if you do not your eve history on mechanic changes and why they changed…then do not post, you sound like an idiot otherwise.

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Thank you very much on your kind words.
That was before, now we have citadels and this will be ideal job for them. I think now instead of yearly ques we will have much more productions lines in more upwell structures.
If we limit storage space and hangar space in structures from infinitive to a certain number that would give them another role.
To limit number of upwell structure in constelation we can introduce exponencial price for anchoring like exponencial rent price we have for offices in stations. Those prices will be only for HiSec.

Time has change, Eve must folow the time.

Nope, bad idea with no real advantages.

There are two main advantages

You will expand storage and production evenly throughout the New Eden and destroy monopols
You will be able to sell additional storage and production lines via micro-transactions


This is again all wrong…

They are player structures, and just like the feature of being able to clone change in one without activating your timer…the ability for many people/characters to do indy/research is a FEATURE…and selling point for using them in any area of space…

Removing that ability…you might as well as remove player structures, good job you just destroyed an entire section of EvE content and Dev work…

Really stop posting,
Cause it is evident you not intelligent to know how stupid you are.

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Along with Golden Ammo and stuff like that…
Yeah no thanks…go pod yourself dipshit

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Yes massa I will obey you :rofl:

Noone force YOU to buy it, extra storage and extra production lines are luxuries and must be paid :dollar:

you dont get it…

such a feature makes it a must have…
an putting it behind a paywall…literally makes that must have purely Pay2Win…

Which will have far more reaching consequences than you think in turning EvE into a dead game.
You want that crap, go back where you came from…

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Nope why space ships do not have unlimited storage
why space ships do not have unlimited number of turrets
why space ships do not have unlimited capacitor

There must be limits and there must be limits in space stations and storage.
This is fair model:

  1. Ship dock in NPC space station and get default docking and storage space, want more - buy more with microtransaction, docking and storage space in NPC station is limited and can accept only XYZ ships at the time
  2. Player ship docked in player anchored upwell structure and pay docking fee depending on size of the ship.
  3. Player want to store something in player anchored upwell structure, lease a certain storage space to a specified time
  4. Small corporation lease office in NPC station
  5. Small corporation get default docking and storage space in NPC station want more - buy more with microtransaction
  6. Big corporation anchor space station with limited storage and docking space want more - buy more with microtransaction
    • XY. same principle for production lines

Expansion title. “Get ownership of your assets”

I would not and what can you do about it? You will see me here for long long time :kissing_heart:



In the old system, if you wanted more production slots - you built a POS and installed lots of assembly arrays (or labs - depending what you needed). The only people who suffered were new players who had little choice but to use the limited slots in NPC stations.

CCP gave us unlimited slots but they didn’t give us unlimited customers - supply is still constrained by market demand. They also gave us the system cost index which was intended to discourage clustering and is a lever they can easily adjust if they perceive the need.

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This is not RL we are talking about, but game mechanics…
Please take your fail out of context analogies that have no place here and go away.

@ISD can we get a lock on this thread as well, this person only wants to argue or propagandize RL stuff and business practices of CCP/PA like his other alts. not game features.

I want better Eve for all not only for PVP dystopian, there is need for beter resource and LIMIT distribution in both PVP and PVE part of the game.

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