Jita Route Key for STRU


I think it’s time for CCP to allow STRU in jita or other high sec areas rated 1.0. Giving our rare key passes, that must be in cargo of the stru to be online. If the STRU is blown up the key will be looted able to anyone.


I think he’s talking about allowing structures in Jita if the owner has one of a limited supply of key passes to avoid structure spamming. It’s a viable concept but I don’t really see the benefit. The last thing Jita needs is more of anything.

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In particular structures. Jita works because Jita is impartial and cannot be tempered with. That’s what a good market hub should be. All the crap around Jita makes market trading nothing but an annoying chore with no added benefits or value.

If you want this annoyance, go to Perimeter or New Caldari and stock structures there. You can undercut Jita prices and still make profits. If you do it right, you can draw customers to the structures anyway. Allowing structures in Jita is not going to help you.

We definitely don’t need any structures in Jita or the other major trade hubs.

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I believe you mean upwell structures. Many other things are allowed while they’re considerably weaker.

It’s just idea to add more interesting game play or rare into the game like AT Ships and more is all.

uhm nope i disagree.

And while disagreeing, all that stupid crap in Jita…mobile strucuters should be banned as well, every single damn MTU, scan inhibitor, depot should be forced removed and not allowed to be deployed in a major trade hub.

Especially Jita, too much crap happens there already and less server stress would be a good thing.


Yes I agree limits should be placed on these things, lot of space stuff out their. But back on topic this would only effect a few alliances which hold these keys to place it in jita as a rarely. :slight_smile:

You know what… take away MTUs and depots, and maybe we’re on to something.

1 citadel in each market hub. Just one. Make a module that will reduce the Sales tax to 0.1% for market stuff in there, only fitable in said market hub systems.

The amount of fighting that will happen for ownership of those citadels… yum.

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