Bring back the Drifter/Sleeper content and pick their story back up

Dear CCP,

As the Triglavian invasion story has come to an end, could you please bring back the Drifter/Sleeper content and their story? I’ve given it a lot of thought from both a lore and ingame content perspective and I believe it is a logical and solid fit to continue the development of the setting within EVE Online.

If we consider the setting as an ongoing story/novel, we have seen the introduction of the Drifters / Sleepers followed by the introduction of the Triglavian Collective and EDENCOM. They all have different backgrounds and objectives and have had a solid introduction. A logical and good way to follow this up is to start having them interact with eachother. It is something that will give the lore enthusiasts more to discover and figure out and it allows for new content to be created and existing content to be extended upon in all parts of EVE.

The Drifters / Sleepers have shown up in Wormhole space, Null sec, Empire space and Pochven. They have proven to be very aggressive and pose a big challenge in all of EVE. It is something that people can interact with, regardless of where in EVE they are active and it allows for both EDENCOM and Kybernauts to participate without getting locked out of (future) content.

The game can use the challenges that were introduced with the different conduits from chapter 1 and 2 and the world ark proving ground from chapter 1. The game can also use more reasons to explore/interact within Empire space, Pochven space, the Drifter Hive’s and Wormhole space. I deliberately leave null sec out of it as they got hit way to hard by the Drifters in the recent past and I believe that null sec will create it’s own content.

Having said that, bringing back the Drifter/Sleeper content and picking their story back up can also serve as a good way to collect more data to look into options of the different Pirate factions making their move against the Empires or eachother. It would certainly create a lively universe with a lot of options to ease the transition from Empire space into other parts of New Eden and their content.


The Trigs invaded because the Drifters drove them out of their homes.

They’re even still fighting them!

The Trig-invasion was the next step in the Drifters/Sleeper story!

Trigs are obviously not too bright then.

The Empires already knew how dangerous the Drifters were (Killing the Empress in her Titan).

Why did the Trigs not make an alliance with the Empires, vrs the Drifters, and then ask for some space in NPC Null, in exchange for some Tech, perhaps?

Planning, planning, planning.

The Trigs probably didn’t know we existed until capsuleers started plundering Sleepers, which woke up the Drifters and set all of this in motion.

They probably didn’t have the time to carefully research us more than absolutely necessary. Which is why they only have spoken very rarely to us.

Now that they have a fortified safe space, things will probably change in the future, with peaceful relations being possible.

A nice excuse in my opinion lol

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I don’t think CCP are interested in the lore of Eve anymore. Just enjoy the new shinies.


To bring back the Drifter/Sleeper content and pick their story back up would benefit the game greatly because:

  • Wormhole space deserves a lot of love and the majority of non-pvp interactions in wormhole space will be with Drifters/Sleepers;
  • I believe that we players have only been able to scratch the surface of the clues and info that CCP has already created. Having another option to delve deeper into their background and learn more about them is something that a fair number of players really look forward to. It could certainly spark a lot more interest in wormhole space;
  • With the current existing entities, any (group) PVE is very scalable; there are plenty of sleeper variants in frigates, cruisers and battleships and the Drifter ships are split already have variants with and but without a doomsday. It would allow for a lot more focus on the balancing of the encounters instead of creating new entities and have their stats be balanced;
  • CCP could make the Drifter Hive wormholes have an additional purpose and provide that will make players want to explore them.

Lore in Eve is dead
No new Chronicles since ages
No new short Stories since forever
Trig,Pirate and NPC miners in a belt. Just happily orbiting each other…nothing to see here.
Trig on gate with Concord and Navy waving. Guess they are friends now.

Minmatar Station 3 jumps from Amarr homeworld giving out l4 security missions to shoot amarr. Station uncontested. Perfectly normal.

Even the blood line / race descriptiond are gone

Eve is not a roleplaying game. Better work on those skins and plex sales.

Space arcade to max plex sales as mentioned

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