Next step for EVE Online (chapter predictions)

What will be next major Chapter about?
This is thread about speculations.

I have some thoughts on my own tho, that I feel like sharing, what CCP is capable of.

  • More Trigs storyline
  • More Edencom storyline
  • More rogue drones storyline
  • More Drifter storyline
  • Less power to capsuleers, more to NPCs

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Actually none of them. They abandoned lot of stuff before , why they would finish trigl lore?


I’m not quite sure what to think in regards to “storyline” development by CCP. They do need to flesh out the Trig introduction, but their previous decisions and design choices have left plenty of people soured on that part and probably reluctant to utilize any “writing” in that direction. EDENCOM needs their ships and weapons worked on to make them comparable in use and effectiveness when compared to the Trigs, so writing in that direction to show weapon /ship development and doctrines would be used by more players. Rogue drones could be the uniting enemy that brings the Trigs and EDENCOM to an uneasy partnership/truce and allows the Trigs to attempt to intermesh with Empire society. Drifters could fulfill this role, too. Writing to show the Empires reaction to Capsuleer betrayal of inner New Eden being reflected in new restrictions and a harsher look/gameplay for their decision would be interesting and logical.

…but, hey, it’s CCP.


How about Less NPC, more Capsuleer?

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I am looking forward to seeing Angel/Sansha Capitals long time.
When they are added this game?

Not with the current changes, no

For years CCP pushed everyone towards null. Everyone know how that ended. We need NPC’s when most of capsuleers don’t want to fight and don’t want to create content.

I think more EvE-Store storyline.
More SP bundles, more ship skins, more skillbooks, maybe some bundles with ships and modules, some nice keys/filaments for mining and ratting grounds, and for sure ESS keys for second bank.


EVE-Store-line :smile:


More Edencom storyline, more NPC interactions in empire space and with pirates, more storylines in general, more random encounters with NPCs, more PVE specific to regions and not the generic crap you see everywhere, basically more good content to pass time in an enjoyable manner in the cluster and not secluded in your own instance.

Edencom will come to collect for their aid to the empires for helping with the Trigs, the empires will refuse, Edencom will do their own version of what the Trigs did, and all the Edencom fortresses will vanish to form their own little region, further breaking up New Eden.

…or something along those lines.

More half-assed effort will be put into the store while expecting the player base to just dump all their extra holiday cash into the game while “scarcity” will slowly become the new norm (because PLEX sales).

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You are missing the obvious considering Pearl Abyss: More jiggle physics :eyes:


I was thinking the same thing. Hilmar might retire and the next guy may decide that Walking in Stations should be the next quadrant.

With space dinosaurs.

Pets! We need more PETS!

Triglodytes vs Triceratops vs Trilobites.


Just what I’ve always wanted, jiggle physics on my Obelisk

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This. CCP itself said “actions have consequences” but looks like not for the trigl aligned players.


I selected “Less power to Capsuleers, more to NPC’s”

Mainly because time and time again CCP has shown they get their jolly’s from seeing NPC’s get the most killmails.

Personally I’d like to see more Drifter storyline, that definitely needs to be worked on since it ties in with the current Trig stuff.

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None of the above, i would like to see something new! I thought the Trig stuff was boring yes it looked good but i think it was a bit of missed opportunity to create something different in Eve…

Personally i would like them to move some of the stations closer to the planets and create some PVE attacks where you skim the surface of the planets… There is not enough exploration in Eve we need some mystery!