Next step for EVE Online (chapter predictions)

If you want to come really close to planets and explore really the surface, and many many systems, there is now free Elite Dangerous in Epic Store.

In EVE the planets are unfortunately really only a scenery you should see from far away. Up close you can not even bounce off of them, its like they are an afterthought.

I believe CONCORD will declare war on the miners.

as compared to just CCP doing so?


i have tried that and think Eve is much better!

Hmm maybe instead of wanting flying in EvE, we should go over to Frontier’s forums and start demanding non-instanced… oh wait… permanent… oh…

Well a local that works… ah crap

Well, Id like to anchor a can in space in ED and return to it an hour later from another system and it still be there, player interferance not withstanding.

I love a quote attributed to Ridley Scott he said while filming Blade Runner “The future is old”. New Edens history is 20k years old. We explore relics, the old stuff. Mining should be means of exploration.

The whole cluster is populated. The core, the outer rim. Empires, pirates, capsuleers. There arent supposed to be unknown areas, unknown space.

Drifters and Trigs are new stuff. Wish they used old Jove designs and lore instead. And Rogue drones.

Or Jove space?
It is there, still. but maybe only because CCP is too lazy to remove it. :joy:

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