Bring back the Great Corp/alliance Leaders and you RESTORE Eve's Greatness?


I was browsing the forums yesterday and recognised the name of a famous null corporation leader from around 3 years ago when the Phoenix Coalition was in its heyday (correct me if i’m wrong…I don’t know too much about null).

When I saw that this player was active on the forums (or perhaps had just stopped by), I got so excited and was flooded by memories of how I encountered him, our first discord convo, etc etc etc…

This player who shall remain nameless, was incredibly active several years ago and deeply woven into the fabric of nullsec gameplay and corporation recruitment - at a time when I was looking for a ‘themed’ corp for one of my alts - theirs fit the bill, and I was accepted.

Actually getting to their space was the first times I encountered HED-GP and saw it in all its smoky glory.

So basically the purpose of this thread is the following question:

Did the visions of corporation / alliance leaders who were active several years ago (and more) create the atmosphere in Eve that we enjoyed being a part of, as well as content?

Also, is it possible for Eve to return to that kind of glory and excitement without these kinds of players who we admire and link to those days?

On the other hand, is this completely untrue? Does Eve’s success rely on other elements of the game, and NOT just on these so-called fantastic content-creating players?

If so, what are these elements?

Appreciate all feedback - and also welcome all stories about fun times in Eve.

Well thats not true, is it?


The peeps that created content is what made the game “what it was”. But “new features” from CCP, to appease the small base of players that would not stick around for any length of time, would not contribute to content, made it difficult to actually create content which resulted in burn out.

People need to leave the past back. Forget your “GLORIOUS” EVE. Instead of trying to bring the dead back focus on the present and try to be more innovative with the actual changes. Your mindset need to change not EVE.

But to understand what made it so great in the first place. By ignoring that and believing you are smarter than the older guys that actually built most of the content in the game is foolish. Why not take what worked and put in in place, preserve it and build around it.

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It is just a panfam member being sour that their botting/rental empire got stomped.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”

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A quid for your thoughts :wink:

I miss super twinkey69.

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I don’t think those leaders had the effect on the game you think they did.

Great Man Theory but for Eve. Brilliant!

Glory Days.

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Great CEOs like… Joe Phoenix!

Great leaders make great corporations.

Problem is, once they leave, if a sufficiently great, charismatic man doesnt head the corporation, you get things like… Scientology.


Shouldn’t you be saying this to the DEVS?

How can my mindset change when a game is simply a game…it’s a collection of codes inside a limited scope.

The players are what make it fun.

Didnt it become a thing because it had an individual that could do that?

Sure, so when that person leaves, which they eventually do, there needs to be someone who can replace him with the sufficient charisma and personality.

Leaves… Or is pvp’d by say a random character I just made up called David Miscavige.

Though a business man, hes not the calibre of leader The Commodore was.

Only those who haven’t met Mr Hubbard could say that.

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I can only speak as to what he may have convinced people to do.

What he said and wrote in public was sheer gibberish.

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