Bring back the info on SP to next level, when applying SP


Used to be able to see SP to next level and make a judgment on how many SP to spend. Now you have no idea how much is required to complete a level.


yes please this was a horrible change

yes please, bring it back.
before this change the information given were scarce but still enough for applying SPs, but now it’s pure frustration.

I was about to come on here to complain about this as well.
As someone who micromanages the skilling of their characters to very specific builds and values this change is very aggravating and senseless and has no apparent benefit or utility to the UI.

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This was soooo frustrating yesterday!! Makes setting up a new character horribly painful to optimize every SP! Just do BOTH: SP to next lvl and SP to 5!

FIRE the person who made this idiotic change, you guys are moving in reverse already FFS…


Damn… mistakes like this make me worry for when they get rid of attributes…

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