Make SP grinding permanent in the game - (not just as an event)

Make sure to check on new updates on this thread, as Im trying to come up with different ideas to make this suggestion fair and interesting for all (different approaches up to ccp to decide).


A decent amount of SP is awarded through reaching AGENCY activities thresholds.

  • As you harvest more ore and reach a new AGENCY threshold, u are rewarded with a chunk of SP
  • Everytime you reach an AGENCY threshold, u are rewarded with a good amount of SP, declining as you reach higher SP in your character, up to 20mil total SP.
  • Also those thresholds would be harder to get, for example the second one u would need to mine twice as much (for example)
  • ALL AGENCY ACTIVITIES THRESHOLDS REWARD SP (so no matter what u do in eve)


You get SP rewards per kills, items manufactured,etc etc etc…

  • full sp awards only work in fleets up to 5 (in case of contest fleet with most damage done takes the rewards)
  • sp rewards only work in omega state accounts, and vs omega state accounts (killing alpha accounts does not count)
  • in fleets bigger than 5, sp awards go to a random member of the fleet (as long as u did damage or logistics during that kill)
  • sp rewards dont work on incursions or other big sites where a fleet is assumed by CCP to be needed (at ccp discretion to decide this) to complete it
  • sp rewards only count if you do damage to an npc, or use logistics on a fleet member that is being attacked by an npc
  • sp rewards only work if ur flying or killing subcapital ships
  • sp rewards are dependent on ur total sp

Skill Points Rewards:
(these values could be all lowerd to half or even less, up to ccp to decide the balance)


  • frigates 10sp
  • cruisers 25 sp
  • battlecruisers 45sp
  • battleships 75sp


  • frigates 100sp
  • cruisers 200sp
  • battlecruisers 300sp
  • battleships 450sp


  • small rigs: 75sp
  • medium rigs: 150sp
  • large rigs: 250sp

Diminushing Returns:
(based on players total skill points)

  • 100% sp rewards up to 7.5mil sp
  • 75% sp rewards 7.5mil-22mil sp
  • 40% sp rewards 22mil-60mil sp
  • no sp rewards to players above 60mil sp


Instead of SP per kill, you will get SP per activities and content completed.


  • CCP awards players for completing PVE encounters (missions, incursions, triglavians, abyssal, anomalies, etc etc… all types of PVE sites and content completion)


  • CCP awards SP for kills BUT you can only be awarded for killing one person one time per day (you wont be awarded if you kill the same person until next DT)


  • it would help new players catch up
  • it would give people a purpose to grind
  • it would create more pvp and give people reasons to kill each other
  • it would create lots of content with all the above combined
  • it would give us new players and other players something to fight for and something to do
  • it would help balance the gap between high sp players and new players
  • new players would totally grind non stop, no so much old players, but old players would run after the content and new players that are undocked and playing, etc.
  • and many others…

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Why though?

EVE is very unique in that the SP gap does not matter nearly as much as other MMO’s. Even when I started many years ago I was years behind my friends and it has never really been an issue. So I don’t know that “catching up” is as much a thing as it would be in other MMO’s

In many ways SP matches the learning curve of the game. Take a noob and buy injectors straight to a battleship for example and they will lose it in the first week because they don’t know how to fly.

This would be gamed sooooooooo hard.

People come to EVE with that Max Level mentality from other games where there is no end game until they reach Max Level.

That attitude alone can ruin a players EVE experience. After they lose the ship they had no player skills, only SP, to fly they quit.

SP grinding just feeds the myth, it is an incredibly destructive thing for CCP to do to EVE.


FFS… I have to agree with you for once

Ugh Terribad idea… a select few playstyles get extra SP and the rest get nothing?

How do miners gain SP
How do transporters gain SP


No skill point grind.

We should totally get SP for grinding other players!



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Your reasons are all ■■■■■■■■.

  • New players won’t catch up and the need to is a myth
  • Grinding is not how you play EVE
  • Less PvP because everyone is too busy grinding their alts
  • Less content because the players are all grinding pointless NPC
  • You have the whole galaxy to fight for?
  • New players won’t catch up and the need to is a myth
  • No one would grind non-stop, there would always be a daily limit and it would be low so it doesn’t compete with Omega

Salt’s right, the catching up thing is a myth.

All skills cap at 5 and for absolutely most activities most skills are absolutely useless and not influental. Not only that, when a rookie can grind for SP, the old player can grind for SP as well, which means there isn’t any “catching up” happening.

But yeah, this idea of “needing to catch up” is born out of some serious inferiority complex invented by losers. Just drop the idea, really, otherwise you’d probably be considered one of them.

To be fair it could be born out of what people are used to due to the mechanics of “most” MMO’s. The ones where you pretty much know if the creature you are going to attack is X levels above yours there is no way you can win.

Which is also what makes EVE so great.


It was a trash idea when submitted. It’s still a trash idea now.
Go play WoW if you want to grind for XP.

None of the “reasons” are compelling, either. New players don’t need to “catch up”. What do they need to “catch up” to anyway? SP doesn’t mean you have the game knowledge necessary to utilize it.

The gap comes from the game knowledge and experience. Not from your character’s SP. This would do nothing to address it. Beyond that, there are plenty of trash tier players who’ve done nothing but mine in highsec for years because they’re too scared to leave. What “gap” are you talking about? Game knowledge? Skill? Experience?

If the goal is to make new players “catch up” then why even have the SP mechanic in the first place? You’re just giving everyone the same SP as fast as possible, so why not skip directly to the end result?

(Seriously, good luck finding a good answer. The entire SP system, like the attribute system behind it, is an obsolete mechanic from the earliest days of CCP copying standard MMORPG mechanics without a clear idea of what EVE was going to be. It adds nothing to the game and really shouldn’t exist anymore.)

It adds a sense of progression for your character. Removing it just further cements the idea that EVE is an MMO, not an MMORPG. They shouldn’t do things that lead down this path, instead we should turn back and undo the things they’ve done to this game.

Thanks to CCPs stupid idea of catering to farmers (EY CCP GRATS ON “EXPANDING THE FANBASE”, CLEARLY YOU’VE SUCCEEDED, YA DINGOS) it turned into a collection of minigames. Before that, everyone in EVE was a roleplayer by default. Nowadays everyone’s just a player who has “playstyles” (which is an outright stupid perspective everyone seems to jump onto thanks to the cancer) and no one is actually a capsuleer anymore.

I know that Skill Injector pretty much wiped any sense for progression, but outright removing skilling is a seriously bad idea. Instead of continuously walking down a path of wrong decisions, we need to get back to the fork and take the other road.

Barely, and in the least interesting way possible. Meaningful progression comes from building income, gaining PvP experience, creating organizations with other players/groups, claiming territory, etc. Compared to that “newer players have weaker stats unless they RMT some injectors” is boring and pointless. Don’t believe me? Look at what CCP’s trailers always highlight. It’s always things like nullsec conflicts, building an industrial empire, etc, not about how awesome it is that your character accumulates SP and gains better stats.

Removing it just further cements the idea that EVE is an MMO, not an MMORPG.

Who cares what genre you call it? It’s not like the SP mechanic produces any meaningful roleplaying. Nobody is creating a character concept around the idea that their guns do 10% less damage for the next 30 days, roleplaying how that lack of damage creates a story, etc. The only place it shows up is in the math optimization and that has nothing to do with roleplaying.

And it just goes back to my point that EVE has SP/attributes/etc because having skill points that you train over time was the genre convention of MMORPGs when EVE was created, just like how EVE has a broken and out of place mission system because the genre convention was to have “quests” like that. Parroting genre conventions just because they’re conventions is **** game design, good game design asks what a particular game really wants to have and doesn’t include stuff just to fit a particular genre label. And what’s best for EVE does not include SP.

I’m trying to come up with a reasonable response, to explain to you how you’re pretty much hate fueled and off the mark … but I can’t.

So I’ll just write this instead and put you onto the list of “carebear-alikes who are infected by mindlessness caused by being too active on a hate filled forum”.

I finally figured it, myself and you guys out.
Took me literally years worth of bans, but I finally did it. :blush:

Uh, whatever. Clearly “EVE progression should be about player interactions and choices instead of passive SP accumulation” is about carebearing and hate, and there’s nothing carebear-like about the mechanics inherited from PvE-focused MMORPG conventions where character development revolves around progressing through an escalation of character stats and PvE challenges.

Man, you need to get some distance.
Look at your text and actually read it out loud,
you almost sound like Anderson.

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