NPC Bounty Season Proposal to GMs

Proposed NPC Bounty Season

NPC bounty season is similar to the Killing Spree, in that, you earn skill points for a cumulative number of NPC kills. A pilot’s bounty season will begin when he/she purchases a NPC bounty license from the market, costing 20,000,000 isk. From the time the license is purchased, the pilot will have 2 months to successfully meet requirements for completion and the earning of 100,000 skill points. The pilot will need to destroy a total of 100 NPC ships within that two-month time frame and if not completed by the time 2 months passes, the pilot will forfeit his/her license and would have to purchase a new license and begin again if the skill points were still desired. The limit for licenses during a one year period is 6. Thoughts?

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So basically you want CCP to sell you skill points, but instead of paying anywhere from $15-40 (depending on the method of acquisition) for roughly every 1.5 million SP, you want to pay them 300 million ISK instead? And the only other barrier to entry is killing an amount of NPCs you’d encounter in 2-3 average L2 missions?

Sounds good to me, you have my full support.


The numbers/cost can be changed to whatever. You get the general idea.

Yes, but in case you didn’t catch my sarcasm: why do you think it’d be a good idea (at least as far as CCP is concerned) to start selling SP for EVE’s virtual currency, instead of real-life cash?

Yes. You want to farm SP from thin air from isk.

Ignoring how stupid this is. CCP will never cut themselves from SP market income in real money.

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It is to improve the current Skilling Spree. A pre-determined number of PLEX could be required—that way, CCP’s cash market wouldn’t be affected.

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Why do people who keep suggesting terrible ideas keep using this argument?

“CCP can just adjust it!”
“CCP can just tweak it!”
“CCP can just balance the numbers!”

If that’s your only argument to defend this idea, it’s a terrible idea.

Not a bad idea, would definitely be better than the current Daily SP tasks. The idea just needs to be refined a bit. Could have the License listed in the NES with all the other Character Adjustment Options and use PLEX instead of ISK to purchase the License. That could increase PLEX sales for CCP as well as help encourage players to spend the PLEX stashed away in their Vaults.

Either remove Skilling Spree, injectors etc

Or go a full XP system with no SP build up over time.

Tear the bandaid off and let the whales or ambitious win, or leave it as it is and continue the rot. Anything else is just pointless knob twiddling.

I have an awesome Idea as well…

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Skilling sprees, daily logins and injectors are to make ccp more money or make the game look more active than it really is.

This idea doesn’t do either.

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