Bring Loot to Back to the dronelands

In comparison to all other nullsec the drone lands lacks an item source in the material available through trash tech 1 modules. The dronelands should either gain back some of their old special mineral drops or gain models. With the ess changes it makes the disparity between it and the other regions much more noticeable. The major factor showcasing this is with the ess. it disproportionately messes with the drone lands as there is only bounty and no standard sets of loot available. If there are any other ideas to help bring a bit of balance to this then please put it in the comments below.

Why should the drone lands be considered just as valuable as other null sec space?
A serious question, yes it should have value, but why does every region need to be as valuable as the next, why should drone lands not be a ‘poor’ null sec region where you then covert your neighbours lands and go forth and conquer them.

In my personal opinion and im fine with other views. All end game areas should be roughly equal in value. content wise they should be different. And i know endgame isnt a great choice of words but tis the best i have to describe ns. And in the return to the old “special” minerals would cause more fighting over the region as it becomes a different for of material income than the other regions instead of just flat missing any type of loot drops. And creating one region either poorer than average or richer than average causes the system of the rich get richer and everyone else falls away leading to no compition. in my view.

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I guess I’d have to ask how valid your premise is. I ask because I’m not a null ratting expert. However my understanding is that anom runners in other regions generally are blowing through the sites for the bounties and aren’t collecting the loot to begin with. If that is the case it seems that whether drones drop loot is largely inconsequential to the value of the region.

This request is less to do with strictly value and more to do with potential extra profit in made from refining those modules into minerals. All other regions still has the slow but constant income of minerals through these module drops. which those style drops used to be the primary gain of the drone lands when it was special mineral drops which could be refined. however when they added bounty’s to drone lands they completely removed all non faction drops from the loot table. Im simply asking for a consideration to equal the playing field between the region in drops

Why do you feel entitled to this?

That’s fair. I’m not asking to debunk, I mostly am learning. How are the bounties of drones compared to other NPC’s. I could see if drone bounties were higher, but if they are not it seems they could easily be made a bit more in line.

I do recall all the nice drone drops that refined into minerals back in the day.

From what i understand form players who have lived in several regions that ticks are lower across the anoms of equal tiers outside the region and slower to complete. Leading to overall less isk

Apparently line members have been complaining about the dronelands forever. But it’s also more remote and more easily defended. So it seems like a fair trade off to me.

I mean its as easy to get to as any other section of nullsec. has just as many connections in. so not really any more remote.

I think the difference (and maybe reason for still no loot) is that there’s very little / no NPC space nearby to most of Dronelands.

While this doesn’t materially impact filaments etc, and there’s plenty of routes in, it certainly makes it more difficult for randoms to start a serious harassment campaign.

This is actually a great point i hadn’t thought of. However it still seems odd no loot. id happily reduce the bounties and such in exchange for some of the odd mineral drops again. jsut to bring the feeling up to equal ith other section of space.

Can someone please tell me why the drone lands are such a shitty place to live in?
“Because they’ve removed the mineral drops” is not an informative answer.

Since literally as far as I can remember people were bitching about the drone lands not being worth it.
I’m pretty sure that actually includes the time when gun-mining there was still a thing.

No one ever really shared why they’re so bad compared to other space.

Is it just greed, or is there actual substance behind this?

Thank you for posting and asking. the drone lands has historically been less valuable than every other region. The reason for this was at first a lack out bounties on NPC. Then this was swapped to nearly no loot of any kind for only bounties. While this period was fine for most the new DBS and ESS changes hits the region extra hard since it hits the only real income in the region. That’s why i asked for a return of the minerals to help bring the region into balance with the others. As to it being greed. Yes a lot of the complaints are based completely in it. However while i live in the region my main income dose not come form it. Im attempting to look at my suggestion to change as simple balance between the regions.

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Okay well, given the historical fact that the drone lands always have been ■■■■ …
… and are now even more ■■■■ …
… you actually have my sympathy.

That sympathy doesn’t extend far enough to think that mineral drops are a good idea, though.

I can guarantee you that mineral drops in the drone lands will get the attention of the big alliances …
… which means everyone already living there will get removed real fast
… unless CCP keeps the spawn rates low enough not to significantly impact the economy …
… which would defeat the purpose of buffing the drone lands with mineral drops.

Mineral drops are bad.

How about LP tags?

LP tags sound like an interesting idea of it. Im fine with anything that would keep the drone lands more in pace with the other areas. Hell id be happy if they gave us ■■■■ module drops like everywhere else jsut to bring it even, But the id of Lp tags sound interesting. Do you have any more ideas o nthat topic?

I don’t. I brought those up, because they don’t introduce new ISK or minerals into the game.

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Mhm that would be a nice item actually and would cause both a technical mineral and an isk sink with the lp items. Since isk will go into trading in the lp and taxes on every trade after the items made.


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