Bring on the Wrecking Machine - seriously casual

  • Demolition operatives and logistics pilots required
  • Full training will be provided
  • All pilots earn a share of ISK from campaigns they attend
  • Corporations receive ISK for every member attending fleets

Recruitment is open for like-minded pilots & corporations. Please join our Discord below if you would like to ask any further questions, or reply in this thread.

Wrecking Machine has been kicking over sandcastles since 2016. We’re a bunch of mature, seriously casual vets and newbies who prefer a laid back approach to playing EVE.

No longer have time to play at 2am, tired of red pen CTAs, or don’t want to spend 3+ hours in 10% tidi? Our organized, simple playstyle is probably for you: join scheduled ops, shoot citadels, have fun chats, get paid, go home! EU + US TZ mostly, but our AU folks always welcome additional company.

We’re 90% chilled social fleets, 10% spicy fights.

That’s it. You have plenty of time to do your own thing, too, if you fancy.

P.S. We strictly follow the EULA, and do not allow real world political or religious discussions in our comms; there’s plenty of other topics to talk about instead! Like pineapple on pizza?!


Can you imagine there are people out there that enjoy pineapple on pizza?


I joined one of their corps, and all it got me was this lousy t-shirt.

And many sweet, sweet tears too! They’re worth something…

Come join the Wrecking Machine - get them tears.

All this pvping is contagious. I’ll pvp too!

Hi folks.
What’s the deal with highsec citadels! Am I right?

You know, Evil: There’s a great deal to be said for making hay while the iron’s hot, as you often say yourself.

A typical day in Wrecking Machine


“We police the discussions our members can take part in”

Sad how common this is in Eve groups.

All this internet and you choose to discuss such things in a spaceship sandbox computer game… What do you think this is, some sort of space democracy? No! We have important things to chat about like how cool Sansha and lasers are.

Is it true I get paid for joining casual alliance fleets?

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Hey there, partner… Are you bashin’ hard, or hardly bashin’?

We’re always bashin’. Which means we’re always welcoming more pilots; DPS and Logi!
WM More Logi

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You never what’s around the corner, even after seven years of doing this shooting structures malarkey. Come check it out with Wrecking Machine

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It’s rivetingly casual - whatever that might mean! WM is recruiting. Come collect tears, fly spiky ships and watch explosions.

It’s just indiscriminate kicking over of sandcastles. Plain and simple! Come chat to us on Discord to find out more about why hisec might be your next perfect home in New Eden

Come play with us, we’re delightful and nightmares all in one

Even the most experienced make basic mistakes…!


Why is now the perfect time to join Wrecking Machine? Well, apart from nice little kills we decided to punish ourselves with a large faction POS in hisec so you can be sure you won’t be doing that again for another few years.

We main shield :grimacing: