Bring on the Wrecking Machine - seriously casual

ooo can we see pretty explosions??

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All the pretty explosions - even some big ones

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I’m picking a terrible time of the day to bump this but who knows who’s browsing the forums at work wishing they were crunching sandcastles under their nightmare boots?!

It’s a Nightmare ! Mind the pointy bits…

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And menacing swarms of Apocs…

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Is this thing on?

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Something is definitely on seeing your little face in here :smiling_imp:

Wrecking Machine keeps high sec clean of structure spam. Thank you for your service!

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Fun fact: we’re a nomadic alliance. We move every month. It’s nice.


Gotta have access to a moving van

Wagon’s roll! Where will we end up next? Come join the wrecking machine and find out

Not just spikey ships, but a solid doctrine of hard hitting DPS machines!


Still turning dreams into nightmares

Ever wonder what it’s like to play EVE casually? Or what it feels like to watch a station explode? Come say hello

All of those spikes,
but space triangle is best triangle.

When you absolutely positively have to be at the top of the killmail

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Know when you’ll pew pew, enjoy being encouraged to do RL first, participate when you feel you want to rather than getting an angry vibrating Discord telling you to do so: join Wrecking Machine.

We are the final boss fight for citadel owners :rofl:

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There’s more than just anchoring up, dropping drones and shooting things! I guess you’ll have to find out what else there is by joining Wrecking Machine.

This isn’t just a wrecking machine, this is a well-oiled Wrecking Machine.

Almost the weekend, which sandcastles will fall?!