Bring on the Wrecking Machine - seriously casual

Lot’s of ops, Lot’s of destruction, Lot’s of fun!

Still wrecking, still casual.

I hear it’s all going down in hisec these days…!

Almost the weekend… ready to kill some stuff? We are!

Can I bring my Nightmare? Of course I can! :wink:

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7 years of boisterous fun. And still so many sand castles to kick.

We are deconstruction specialists!


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Calling all demolition specialists! And also aspiring demolition specialists!

Zkill is busy reindexing so let’s all look at advanced search results of the structures (‘sandcastles’) that we kill (‘kick over’): here

As another campaign comes to a close, I can confirm we had a good one!

After 6 hours of going ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, I just want to shoot some big things.

Come join!!

Dreams ==> Nightmares

More high quality memes to entice you to join high sec space wars

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High sec = casual sec!

So casual I didn’t bump this for over a week!

The water is warm, the people are friendly, and the lasers are hot!

Always welcoming people interested to learn about structure bashing, hi-sec warfare and how to enjoy EVE casually! Come chat on public discord

It’s a weekend-ready bump.

Come get your spikes out with us


Is that a spear or are you just happy to see me

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