Brisc - Follow Up Investigation

Must be nice, you can bet people that are not in a special position or special corp don’t get a chance for a follow up or any review.

You can write them, you can call them, but you are wasting your breath.

Unless you are special.

Must be

Is this news for you this is about CSM you know that right…you are adorable.

I am special
*sobs in his non trillion isk half empty hangar bay.

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In an unusual display of leniency, “t20” got away with just a slap on the wrist, despite other malefactors having had their employment terminated in the past.

CCP would never just sweep something under the rug…

Bob almighty that was 13 years ago. Can’t we move on yet?

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Not as long as long as the goons benefit from said transgression…

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In before the lock …

c’est la vie…



The level of incompetence at CCP is mind boggling.

Was going to merge this into the official thread, but most of the posts are off topic. As such, thread closed.