Devblog: Interim Statement on Brisc Rubal Follow-up Investigation

Take a look at this devblog for an interim statement on the Brisc Rubal Follow-up Investigation that’s currently ongoing.

Read the full details here.

Given the nature of this announcement, please remember to keep discussion civil and within the realms of the forum rules.


I’m glad you guys are being very transparent about the whole situation. Thank You.


Second! \o/

GRRR @Aruar

Okay and now I’m going to read this. :blush:

Sooooo this was just the announcement for the actual devblog coming next week.

Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:


The Initiative 3 are innocent!


i love the last paragraph…



Hmmm… Interesting


I highly doubt the ban is warranted, but again, like the others, let the evidence shed the light here. Looking forward to the root cause and glad to see CSM stating they would share with us the evidence. Looking forward to what comes next.


The CSM aren’t sharing any evidence CCP will be providing an update.

A member of the CSM had claimed (on TIS I believe) that another CSM member was preparing a statement ‘subject to CCP approval’ but that’s never appeared which suggests that the CCP approval was never given.

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Well CSM asses must be clenched with reading that last para…


Oh no, CCP, CCP what are you doing to yourselves? You’re setting an absolutely awful precedent here. Just make enough noise, rouse enough rabble, etc and you’ll start reneging on your procedures, practices and principles. All you’re doing is feeding the hurf machine, spooling up the reee generator to max rippums.

By all means investigate. By all means correct any mistakes.

Publicly comment on it, and start talking about correcting mistakes before you even know of any (unless you already do, of course)? Disastrous move. You’ll never be able to hand out a ban ever again, without the Reee Machine going into overdrive, and justifying it with “well you did it for Brisc, why not us?”.


Transparency is good. Anything but silence is good.

Not giving CSM members sensitive data, however, would be better.


The fact that you are giving these idiots preferential treatment over Every Other Ban I have ever heard about in over a decade of playing (public ‘transparency’, second looks, where have those been for other players?) is beyond embarrassing. If you cave to his/their public whining I will have lost the last shred of respect I have for your company.



Let’s hope nothing comes forth from it and that Brisc remains banned.


Of course. They are cash cows for CCP with their thousands of characters. Who cares about a single character that got banned because they accepted a contract of an RMTer and who have no proof whatsoever to prove to CCP that they are innocent and that CCP itself is too incompetent to act on obvious patterns and evidence.


Release the Rubal report! We cannot sit on the sidelines and watch this happen without appropriate evidence released to the public proving Brisc’s guilt. We should treat him as innocent until proven guilty!


i mean duh?? LOL

what do you think is worse then? CCP banning people on circumstantial evidence and then realising their mistakes but then redressing that error and punishments, or having a CCP that you know for a fact doesnt care about due process, actual justice and facts and just bans indiscriminately based on being metagamed by others?

i mean grow up dude, people make mistakes and the tell tale sign of someone who has actually matured and grown up into an adult is the ability to own up for their mistakes and learn from them. CCP are humans after all.


Burn the witch oh what do you mean shes not a witch bit late to put the fire out !!!


My prediction: someone at CCP legal barged into a meeting after he was banned and was like DUDES YOU JUST BAN’D A GOSH GOLLY DARN LOBBYIST LAWYER WHAT R U DOIN and then CCP were like HMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm

It’s probably cheaper to give him his stuff back and apologise than face the legal drama he can throw CCP’s way even if he were doing wrong. If he bangs enough pots and pans about how he was treated he could win the case in what is a very erratic justice system, possibly costing CCP and their Korean parent company a lot of scratch.


So what will be the punishment for the people that brought these accusations against Brisc? I hope lifetime bans for every single one and anyone they conspired with. This is a much greater crime seeing as they are also members of the CSM and knowingly did this. Possible RL legal consequences are even possible because this could be libel. Good job CCP you handled this well.