CSM statement when?

When the CCP statement came out from the first moment of briscgate, we were told that there was to be a joint CSM statement, why has this not happened?


Don’t expect a statement on this.

I doubt you’ll find anyone willing to go past ‘No Comment’

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Chicken ■■■■ management. I’d like to know who it was that tried to throw brisc under the bus. Proper punishment should be given for those that gave falsifying information that could have had RL damage done to brisc, and possibly the others.


If the current sitting CSM are unwilling to comment then they are not fit for the next CSM.


Perhaps I should extend that. Unwilling or unable.

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I agree

If they/you are unable to then it means you are gagged by CCP, if that is the case then you should resign in protest of it.

From the dev blog:

We made a mistake here and we offer our formal apologies. First, to Brisc Rubal and the two other players involved, both for making the allegations and for the disturbance and stress caused by the way in which we handled this situation. Second, for not collaborating with due care with the members of CSM 13, who have acted responsibly throughout. Lastly, we owe our sincere apology to the EVE community for this error. We take full responsibility for any confusion and mistrust caused by our initial assessment of the situation.

CCP says the blame lies squarely with them, and that the CSM did nothing inappropriate. If someone in the CSM suspects foul play, it is a civic obligation to bring that to the attention of those who can investigate and confirm or disprove it. CCP handled things poorly, and they apologize for it. Policies have been written to better handle a similar situation in the future.

This shouldn’t have happened, but it did happen, and we have to move on from it. Looking for more people to punish won’t make things any better at this stage. To error is human. We try to learn from our mistakes and be better people. CCP will be more responsible next time. They learned a lesson. Let’s put down the torches and pitchforks and go home.


When you have CSM members coming forward and stating that there will be a joint statement by the CSM and then have a CSM publicly come out and shame said accused then the CSM has a problem.


When a comment like this is made:

CCP never act without being absolutely certain when it comes to something with this much meaning to the community

Then I feel like that particular csm should be removed.

At least now players wont be so quick to judge without proof in the future, hope all those retards that said bad things about brisc in the first post are swallowing their words and their pride.


Ccp has bad leadership.
With everything we see with them, they are hasty.
This has been demonstrated across many occasions with new games, patches, player-involved issues (bob, returning stuff to goods) this csm bit, and so on.

ccp keeps damaging their reputation further and further, and more then ever need to be careful about the public announcements they do.

We should also hear about the one who started these claims against brisc, and punish them, we heard nothing about this but someone had to of started these rumors or all of this issues.

Considering some of the other CSM members or their fanbois scheming to get rid of Brisc is probably what caused all of this to begin with, I doubt you’re going to get any kind of statement out of them.

Only person that put RL danger on Brisc is he himself. No one forced him to use RL stuff in game to gain in game benefits. He must be really poor politician that he does not predict things like this can affect his RL. Especially when “game” part of EVE ends when you join CSM and sign NDA.

He uses his out of game skill set in game to help players get there true thoughts and emotions to CCP he sign’s an NDA which is dangerous to his RL career sure but that only show’s his dedication to helping us eve players even more.

Sometimes hiding and keeping safe isn’t the only option @Mac-Gregor4

And he can’t do that without screaming “Hey I’m politician!!!” everywhere?

If he has skills he will use them and people will see it. Badge on his head “politician” is not making him better CSM or better EVE player.

And I don’t say anything about hiding but his crying that CCP screwed his RL career only because he wanted to take advantage on game community using his RL data to win CSM, without even thinking about consequences. It’s really pathetic and dumb.

But back to topic: There wont be CSM statement since CSM did nothing wrong. They got word or suspected something and passed it to CCP. They did what they should do and did great job. CCP did terrible thing. In rage they started to ban people only because someone claims something. Being so transparent was worst thing to them.

Please link one of his posts where he states anything about his RL career helping him also please link a quote of him crying, you are full of ■■■■ lol, all your info is completely made up, iq of 90.

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As I have noted repeatedly, the minute that I chose to run for CSM, my identity was going to become obvious. The first twitch stream I did, or the first photo of me IRL that got out, somebody could have google image searched and found my name in 10 seconds. I’ve been using the Brisc character for almost 20 years in every game I’ve played, and it is an amalgam of my real name anyway.

Playing a game under your real name shouldn’t be a risk. I didn’t use a fake name at the golf course, either, out of fear that somebody might write an article claiming I fudge my scorecards. The criticism is absurd. I am not going to hide what I do IRL, especially since that was the thing that set me apart from the other 50 guys who were running.

And I’m not sure how I was supposed to predict that I’d be accused of doing something I didn’t do and then publicly shamed for it. That had never happened before.

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Honest question: How long you are in politics? I’m not form USA, not even near politics in my country but from my personal experience and what I see in news/internet if any public person even fart in wrong way everyone is talking about them and use this against them. And that’s why I cant’ understand why you are so surprised this affected your work. When you join CSM and sign NDA this is no longer game an pixels in internet. So in my opinion it’s obvious that when working for big corp anything can go wrong. “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Maybe I was to harsh in posts above, so sorry about that but this situation is overwhelming for everyone and emotions affects what people say. To be honest after reading first article form CCP and listening you on TiS I was on 95% sure this is only mistake due to rage decision of only few CCP employees. So I have nothing to you as a person. I hope this is somehow explain my point in this topic in more calm way, especially since my english is bit bad.

Here’s a link to the Meta Show where they discuss the currently known evidence.

I don’t think we are going to get any CSM statement, as it appears they may have been a victim ,too, in some sort of Meta gaming ploy. Course, this is from one perspective, but it does appear to follow a logical (and in EVE, an fully possible) course. I stated over 3 weeks ago that I thought the combination of a new Community rep (Dopamine) combined with gutting the seasoned staff last year was making CCP less than reliable for investigating certain issues. Prying back all the layers of this onion until we find the whole story may never happen, but enough red flags and confirmed reports seems to indicate that CCP overstepped their enforcement.

The complexity of the behind scenes actions/strategy in this game are mind-boggling.