Broadcast for repairs showing % of broadcasted item

I’d like to suggest that when someone broadcasts for repairs, that the current state of what they are asking repairs for is also specified.
IE: If they broadcast for shield, their current shield % is written into the broadcast.
If they broadcast for armour, their current armour is placed into the broadcast.

This will help logi be able to determine who needs repairs more easily.
In sci fi shows like Star Trek, people always seem to state what the shield % is, and they rarely have remote shield boosters.

This is what the watch list is for.
Also it wouldn’t really help since if they broadcast when yellow boxxed then take massed alpha 1 sec later the broadcast would say 0% while actually they are in hull now

What? You have a watch list that isn’t packed completely full?
Looking at your profile, I can see you are the CEO of a 3 member corporation.
Thank you for you advice, but to manually add each broadcast to the watch list is time consuming, and a bit click heavy. Removing each fleet member off the watch list is also time consuming and click heavy.
It doesn’t seem very efficient. :frowning:

Why yes, my mission running character is not in a large Corp. Of course fleets are restricted to Corp only so I clearly have never been in a larger fleet…

The point is logi is meant to be difficult in a large fight.
The watch list allows you to track priority targets health.
Everyone else health at time of broadcast would be virtually meaningless, as in a large fight they could be taking 50% of their health 1 second after they broadcast.

So this feature would not add much utility anyway, even if we ignore the fact logi is meant to be difficult.

Yes, it does bug me how fleets are corp only. CCP really needs to allow at least alliance members to join the same fleet.

You and I have different ideas about this.

I agree, in a large battle, it’s not important. Outside of battle, or during structure bashes, it’s useful.

And why can’t you manage this with a watch list or just locking people?
You have just listed low stress & urgency situations as your argument, I don’t see why it’s even needed here.

Outside of battle typically only lasts during warps off grid and onto grid with the few seconds to align before warping again.
Structure bashes is when a structure bomb explodes damaging everyone, and everyone broadcasts for repairs, and this hides the one the structure is targeting and actively shooting.
Adding everyone who broadcasts to watch list, and removing them afterwards (assuming it isn’t full), is very time consuming.

It would be a nice luxury. Hardly high on the list.

It would probably fall into a UI project. If the broadcast window ever got a revamp, a number of things could probably be done to aid information delivery.

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