Further improve the broadcast for reps

Dear CCP, I am very glad to see the change you made to the broadcast system. But as a logistics pilot I think there’s more to be done. How abot putting the current level of armor/shield/cap and number of non-fleet members targeting the broadcaster into the broadcast?
like from
Someone needs Armor (Abaddon)
Someone needs Armor (Abaddon,56%,targeted by 24)
It will surely help logistic pilots identifying those in need of repair and those who are trolling.

This is a bad idea. You’d be giving out some serious amount of tactical information. The rate of success and failure should remain in the hands of the players. When somebody fails to broadcast in time, or a logi fails to rep, then that’s a reflection of the players’ skills and abilities and the fleet as a whole.

I get that you want to help the pilots and some improvement is ok, but they shouldn’t get too much help. Especially the information about how many target locks are on a ship isn’t something that’s currently easy to obtain. This information is part of the “fog of war” and you’d need to have the player on comms to tell you.

If you had suggested “Abaddon, 56%, 24km”, meaning the distance of the braodcaster to you, then I’d say that’s a bit more meaningful without introducing too much new information.

yeah because why should communication and organization be needed or rewarded?

half of what you asked for is already covered in the watch list


This information is already in client and commonly known as overview.

Those get a right-click with the “kick” option on it.

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Exactly. It shouldn’t be an issue to provide the information directly with a broadcast as it’s already available. OP’s suggestion would turn into an improvement of the UI.

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if by improvement you mean added clutter

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You’re not helping, mate, but one can take the idea further and add a filter to this. The logi, or more likely the FC, could decide to have logis ignore certain conditions. Thus leading to a reduction of the broadcasts you can see.

Still, even without a filter does it help. An FC cannot have his eyes everywhere and cannot really pay attention to every broadcast. But if a broadcast shows up by someone 100km away or by someone in the wrong ship, and the FC catches it then I wouldn’t want to be on comms in that moment (…). It would help you to sort out problems.

the FC is not touching my filters and more options just means more QA.

good thing any competent fleet doesn’t have their FC watching for rep or cap broadcasts then isn’t it. anything that rewards division of labor in a fleet is a good thing. Anything that makes it easier for the FC to treat the fleet like additional modules is a bad thing

You’ll do what the FC tells you to.

you have not flown logistics much have you?

90% of the time you are not even in the same coms as the FC and the only time you are taking orders from him is when you are getting from point A to point B. from fight to fitting is all handled by your Logistics commander. you try to have the FC commanding logi and you’re going to have a bad day.


Not every fleet is the same. Why are you seeking to argue every little detail? Clearly, you’re in a tunnel state of mind.

yeah some are flown worse than others.

you said yourself FC can’t keep an eye on all that at once

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Yes, I’ve said that.

What now?

now every competent fleet understands division of labor. something that should be promoted in game mechanics


You’re the one who has a problem with clutter. Shows exactly how competent you are.

OP idea: I like it. Really. It’s all info people outside fleet can already see targeting, so having it in numbers in our broadcast will be a good thing for logis as we could make more informed decisions during a fight.
But don’t let FCs use any kind of filter for us. Logi pilots need their independance and their judgement to be trusted (speaking of Logi Commanders order, in particular.) If you don’t trust your logi anchor/commander to take the right path and follow whatever strategy you’re pulling, you’re defo a bad FC and on the other hands if you’re an FC and can’t let someone else take over in case you see epic logi mess, you’re still a bad FC.

did we lose our overview as logis?

or are you saying that’s to hard and we should remove the need for pilots to be paying constant attention to fleet positioning

Not saying the FC sets the filter. It should still be an UI option for each client. The reason why I mentioned the FC is because an FC might decide to tell his logis to ignore certain types of ships. If approved by the FC can logis then filter it out. That’s all. It’s an example for a use case for the filter. I also only suggested it, because Lugh here has a problem with clutter.

Nha, im saying i’d love to see if the one broadcasting is 50% armor of just got bombed and is crying before locking him up

Aaaah, yeah. in that case, yes. :slight_smile:

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