Logi friendly reps assist broadcast

Would like to see Logi FC broadcast with target to rep.


Well, Logi Anchors can actually broadcast targets, of course it’s the same broadcast that FC’s also often use. So perhaps what you want is an independent broadcast for logi’s that could be color coded differently from FC/DPS target broadcasts. If so, I can get behind that.

Of course, this could have balance ramifications: 1) It would raise the skill ceiling for logi anchors and allow them to have a greater influence on the outcomes of battles, 2) allow a lower skill logi squad and late broadcasts to go unpunished more often, and 3) it would help to counter FC’s trying to quickly switch targets in order to kill ships before logi can land reps. Thus, this would kind of be a buff to n+1, and it might cause fights to become slightly shorter and less bloody.


Or just don’t have ■■■■ logi that knows their own fleet members names and sort by alphabetical.

Im talking about the independent broadcast that F1-team can filter out and logi can rely on time to time. Situations when the next target looks obvious but not for the whole logi wing and some situations nearby fleet of allies needs some help. Comms are fine, but when your overview is not usable, number of shapes on the screen is overwhelming and pronouncing nicknames is tricky that thing could be really helpful.

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