Broken Neocom Size, allowed to manually fix settings?


As everyone hopefully know by now. After the introduction of the new circular skill training progress icon, the size of Neocom can’t be properly reduced back in size if you accidentally make it wider. Wider Neocom also means taller icons, which means there suddenly isn’t room for icons we are used to have available.

This can be fixed by restoring your backed up settings files (Help Article).

However it is also possible to only change the broken size in your your core_user.dat file. Trying to help someone with this, I asked about in the English Help channel and was warned its a breach of the EULA/TOS to edit the settings file.

So while this thread is also a “come on and undo this breakage already” the real question is:
“Are we allowed to edit the settings file, or are they considered game files in the terms of the EULA/TOS?”



I’m kind of skeptical of that claim. It’s not anything that would result in an unfair advantage, and people have talked about editing settings files on the forums (in order to fix problems). So, you’d think that if it was actually against the EULA, the offending posts would have been removed by ISD’s. However, you’re probably better off filing a support ticket than listening to what some random asshole thinks.

Just do be aware that GM’s do sometimes give conflicting information, policies can change, and that their answers can sometimes be confusing due to the use of GM Speak (i.e. legalese, but for GM’s). I think they are hesitant to say that things are straight up okay out of concern that it might be abused in some way that they have failed to anticipate. So they sometimes give these weird answers that players have to decipher. Like, when I asked a few months back if concord pulling was now a banable offense, I got a convoluted and contradictory answer. Like the first part made me think that concord pulling was okay, but then he followed it up with something along the lines of, “if you have to ask, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.”

I was like, “holy crap. Can you not just say yes or no?”


Anyway, I’m not too pleased about that progress bar either. It adds nothing, and eats up even more space on my neocom. Honestly, I’m kind of losing my patience with the UI design guys. A ton of objectively and subjectively bad design decisions for the new skill window, and they follow it up not by fixing the skill window, but by randomly making other things worse. I mean, the new progress bar… er… progress circle definitely doesn’t provide additional information, additional functionality, or improve readability. So, the best argument that you could make for it is that it has better aesthetics -and, imho, even that’s a hard argument to make.


The reason I asked in forum is for the answer to be available to all. That is also required before the dispute in Help channels can be settled (since we are not allowed to share private responses in game).


I just accidently made the mistake to accidently resize my Necom Menu and now I can’t go back to what it was before. I could however copy the settings from another char but it wouldn’t include all the changes I made since last using this char.

Therefor I’d really appreciate an “easy” workaround until this is fixed. That is … if it actually gets fixed.

Well the current status for me personally is 2 members of ISD have told me to contact GMs before discussing the edit. So I can’t share how to just change the position, until I get a response.

Since I was asked in game and didn’t remember all the details. Here are details for how to replace the individual files from backup (rather than the full folder as explained in the linked Help article).

To identify a character, first log in using only that single Eve client, log all the way in not just character select. Then log out again, this will save the settings file and last modified is the one you are looking for.

Close the launcher.

All your settings are in %LocalAppData%\CCP\EVE\g_games_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility

In here you have a folder for each profile, possible just settings_Default, go into the folder used by the account in question and sort by date modified.

You want the core_user_* file (not core_char), the user number here is your account number, and as far as I know secret so don’t share it.

To keep the existing file as backup to be able to undo the change if something breaks, fx add .brokenNeocom to the end of the file.

Now take the core_user from your backup or Repeat to locate the core_user file for a working character, and copy this to the folder with the .brokenNeocom file. Rename the copied file to the original name of the .brokenNeocom and it should now work.

Notice that this is all done without editing any of the files, and will possible cause many more changes depending on age of backup / difference on characters.

For more details on how to sync changes between characters etc see Manually copy settings between characters and accounts

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Tnx a much!

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