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<- troll alert. all insults, no actual economic analysis

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Are you implying that you have done “actual economic analysis” on this?

Just a FYI, what Scoots is saying is 100% correct. You might not like how he is saying it but your beef is with that, not what he is saying.

He and Black Pedro are people you should be listening to, not fighting with.

not sure about WHAT he is saying. He is just insulting people without giving any valuable insight but “adapt or die” and repeating over and over. That is why my troll alert.

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You could try reading, or is that too much to ask of you?

Scoots Choco insults forum users, see here

Its a shame that some users clutter their insults into threads,
the forum could be a better and a more informative place.


As an ore buyer - mineral seller, I have to adapt my buy orders sometimes 2 times a day to still get some ore after the ore-shenanigans of CCP. I also have to adapt my mineral sale orders to stay competitive since prices are jumping all over the map. So some/most of my orders are in that 8+ modification range. It’s not that I like doing this. I didn’t need to last year. CCP made me do it! No bot involved though.

The tax obsession of CCP as an ISK sink is just sad. It shows a real lack of imagination. ISK sinks should give the player something :

  • How about a concord-service where you can buy for 1 day/week/month a reduction in the concord response time? Doesn’t bother anyone except gankers who will have sometimes an extra surprise, which isn’t bad.
  • Or how about setting up for every player a personal museum where you can collect 1 piece of every item with a skillpoint bonus when you complete a collection. So for example ‘collection high sec ore’ (1 piece of veldspar +…) ‘collection high sec ore +5%’ (1 piece of concentrated veldspar, +…) which can for example give 10 skillpoints, 15 skillpoints, … With of course some meta-collections (all high sec ores) to give some extra. It doesn’t need to be much for every collection for the simple stuff but each collection takes a bit of value out of the economy. Although a collection of battleships should give you of course a whole lot more. Shouldn’t be hard to find decent values. You are giving away skillpoints anyway.

Try to be a bit more inventive then just an easy implemented tax hike.


Better? Given the caliber of most of the people, I doubt it. Most of the people here are trash. A lot of the “information” is substandard or wrong.

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Why are you here?


yo dont feed the troll

Hah. If you truly wish to contribute and raise the standards of the information presented here, great – however, it is rather difficult to sift through the accompanying sea of arrogance. I think you could help with this.

Yeah, I know. Man’s gotta try.

That’s where you’re wrong pal. This steaming shitheap cannot be helped.
If they actually wanted a discussion, they wouldn’t be here. All of these kids just want to “reeee” and complain because change is scary.

Why shouldn’t they? Many (most?) of them are paying customers.

What does this have ANYTHING to do with the discussion at hand?

Old people. Lol

What they pay for is being changed. Do I have to spell this out for you?

Please feel free to use this thread to discuss and provide your feedback to the Development Team.

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Please show me where it say they’re paying for a specific type of in-game market mechanic that cannot be changed by CCP at any time. I’ll wait. :slight_smile: