Bron 2003


I’ve been playing eve sporadicaly over the years. I first joined EVE in 2003! :smiley:

But now i want to join a diferent corp than local… anyone recruiting?

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Congratulations, that’s quite an accomplishment, playing Eve for over 16 years.

Wish you much success and good luck in Eve for another 16 years.

As for a new corp to join, check the recruitment sub-forum:

Someone with 16 years in EVE thinks local is a corp.

Talk about obvious ■■■■■■■■.


You obviously do. What if that was about local corp as in from local minmatar space?

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Plenty of corps and alliances are recruiting, just check the recruiting section of the forums. Also regarding your OP it helps if you express your expectations, time zone and what you bring to the table so recruiters can see if you are a proper match for their corp.

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