Brothers and Sisters of Ushra'Khan, Comrades of the Tribes, The Republic and the Minmatar Militia

Brothers and Sisters of Ushra’Khan, comrades of the Tribes, The Republic and the Minmatar Militia.

We stand on the precipice of a new threat, a looming shadow that seeks to engulf our freedom, our identity, and our very existence, I stand before as a mere pilot, but each of us is symbol of defiance, a beacon of resistance against the encroaching darkness. For years, we have fought side by side against the Amarr, bled together, and stood resolute in the face of oppression. Today, we face a new challenge, an invasion by the treacherous Angel Cartel, and we must we rise to the occasion, for our people, for our kin, for the Tribes.

These Angels believe they can sow discord among us, turning brother against brother, sister against sister. But we are Minmatar, and we know the value of freedom, of standing together against any force that seeks to shackle us. The Ushra’Khan Alliance has been a bastion of resistance, a force that has withstood the test of time. We are stoic, unyielding, and our brutality is a reflection of the trials we have faced. It is time to unleash that fury upon the invaders who dare to threaten our way of life.

To those who have chosen the path of collaboration, who have betrayed the very essence of our people by siding with the Angels, know this… your actions will not go unpunished. We are a united with our comrades from Minmatar Fleet, Electus Matari and the Minmatar Militia, a force that cannot be divided. We will root out the traitors among us and cast them aside like the weaklings they are. The Angel invaders may have new weapons, ships, and a twisted ideology, but they will never possess the indomitable spirit of the Minmatar people.

As a leader in Ushra’Khan, I call upon each and every one of you to stand tall, to fight with unwavering resolve. Our home is under threat, and we shall be the shield that protects it. We will meet the Angel invaders in battle, and we will crush them beneath the heel of our defiance. Our victory will not only be a testament to our strength but a declaration to the universe that the Minmatar people will not bow down to any oppressor.

In the face of this Angel invasion, we shall rise like a storm, fierce and unrelenting. Our loyalty to the Tribes, to our people, and to the principles of freedom will guide us. Together, we will turn back the tide of darkness, for the skies belong to the Minmatar!


Your people’s need to always languish in victimhood is why they do not know what to do with themselves in the anarchy they call ‘freedom’ and believe it as some manner of accomplishment. You accuse Amarr of genocide, genocide you say, never mind that we, we in act of religious fealty, have been more successful at carrying on your race’s bloodline then you have been yourselves… You’re welcome.

As for the Angel Cartel. that will be tragedy to see such carrying out the same manner of montley crew barbarism that supposed ‘freedom fighters’ of the Republic have done in Amarr. It brings me no joy that you all will experience such, as many in the Empire have, as we looked at the state of the Rebellious Territories. I only hope it is an eye-opening experience for the more radical among you in how the rest of New Eden views such manner of warfare on civilian populations.

The Angel Cartel are invading ? Again ? Have they forgotten how disastrously they were beaten the last time ?

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It is difficult to add much to such an inspiring speech as this one by our brother Pol. We will indeed stand together in the face of this new threat, as we have facing so many others.

To the Angels I say this: many of you come from the Tribes. Just because you can do something does not mean you should; just because your RoE allows you to shoot someone does not mean you cannot pick another target. The Minmatar Militia and its supporters have fought hard and well for the current advantageous situation on the warzone. If you have any decency left in your spirits, you will not use this Deathless character to destabilize the victories of the Free Tribes but to further advance them.

Consider your options and consider them well.

All invaders must die.


Yeah, that’s nice. Meanwhile, the Republic is letting the militia shoot Minmatar in Hek. I guess this “precipice” of a new threat was not really that important to prepare for. Certainly important enough for a speech. Sounds about right for The Republic’s bureaucratic competence.

Well, I guess I’ll see you all out there. There will be a few wrecks between us.


Business is business. Whatever comes, don’t take things too personal, darlings.

I have a suspicion someone is feeling left out. :smirk:
How exactly do the blood raiders, oh, forgive me, sani sabik philosophers manage to be the most incompetent outlaw group in the cluster so consistently? It seems lately that every sort of lowlife is stumbling out of their caves to throw their lot in with this deathless. With the notable exception being you.

Sisters, Brothers…

In the shadows of the Republic, where diversity is our strength, I implore you all to heed a perspective untainted by the fervor of war. The Minmatar are not a monolithic entity, and just as we resist being seen as such, we should extend the same courtesy to others. The call to arms against the Angel Cartel oversimplifies a complex reality, for within their ranks lies a sizable population of Minmatar.

It’s crucial to recognize that not every action or belief of the Angel Cartel is inherently against the best interests of our Republic. In certain instances, their actions have proven beneficial to our cause. To dismiss them entirely is to paint with a broad brush and risk overlooking potential alliances or opportunities for collaboration.

Consider the notion that our aggressive stance towards our brothers and sisters within the Angel Cartel may be exacerbating the very aggression we now face. Neglecting their needs and dismissing their plight might be a grave error, particularly when reflecting on our own history of overcoming oppression. To wage war without addressing the root causes is to repeat past failures.

We have emerged from the shadows of victimhood, and while acknowledging that pockets of oppression still persist, a victim mentality does not serve us. Our strength lies in our ability to overcome adversity, not in perpetuating a narrative that undermines our progress.

The notion of an Angel invasion may very well be a misinterpretation. Instead of viewing them as invaders, perhaps it’s wiser to recognize them as pockets of insurrectionists that have always existed. Dealing with these issues through official channels rather than through rag-tag militias would be a testament to our commitment to a just and lawful society.

In embracing our diversity and understanding the complexities of our relationships, the Minmatar are stronger together. Let us not succumb to the allure of simplistic narratives that divide us but strive for a nuanced understanding that unites us in our shared history and common destiny.


Those who would profit from trading in Matari flesh are not Minmatar, much less brothers or sisters. There is nothing to embrace. There is no nuance. There is no common destiny. The only thing that makes the Empire a higher priority is size. The Cartel doesn’t even have the excuse of religious zealotry or even something as low as ethnic domination. All its evils are performed for something so base as greed and power, against one’s own blood.

There is only one way to deal with an Angel: Tear off its wings and bury it. There is no uncrossing that line.


As always, Captain Macsliebh, stirring words underwritten by your undeniable ironclad conviction.

I fear we are going to have our hands full staving off the onslaught of the Guristas Pirates, but know that you have friends in the Federation that stand with you in spirit. If you ever find yourself in need of an extra few starships and captains to man them, we will answer freedom’s call where we can.

Spirits watch over you all, comrades. May Justice be done.


Like all other slavers, the Angels can go to hell. Their needs stopped mattering the moment they started peddling flesh.

Refusing to tolerate evil is not victimhood. Slavers are not our people. They are, in their way, Ammatar: a partial success in the Empire’s attempts to remake us in their own image. Where the Ammatar, by and large, are our reflection as Imperial peasantry, the Angels are the shadow of the invasion force itself.

Let them burn. Let them all burn.


They have a mysterious benefactor hosting them in a former Jovian station this time. They wouldn’t try something like this if they didn’t believe he could bail them out if things go south.

I have rarely been so insulted.


Ah, well, then then point landed, neh?

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