Brute Force Solutions (BFG) recruiting drama free/self driven corps

(Sol Terran) #1

BFG is looking for corps to join them in pure blind region. We are close to jita, black rise and lonetrek.

What we offer:

  1. Great community vibe (drama free zone)
  2. Guristas ratting
  3. Jump freighter service
  4. A mix of veteran and eager pilots to help get you acclimated to the region
  5. Most of the evening US tmz blocks
  6. very low blue list and a energetic pvp atmosphere
  7. Allliance srp/ roams

What we don’t want:

  1. High strung corps
  2. Needy corps ( lack interdependence)
  3. Corps who don’t check API’s
  4. Corps who don’t use comms (mic)
  5. Corps don’t don’t like to learn from their mistakes

If this is something that might interests you or you might be looking to make a decision in the next few days give us a chance to put you in a good spot.

pub channel: BWA-Public
Inquiry contacts: JoshBreezy Austrin , Blaze Tiberius, Sol Terran

(Sol Terran) #2

Bump for interest

(Sol Terran) #3

bump for notice!!

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