BucketHead Productions - NullSec Ratting, Industry, and Mining! Newbro Friendly!

Hello fellow capsuleers!

I’m John Whittaker, a recruiter for BucketHead Productions. We’re a small PvE and manufacturing-focused corp based in Paragon Soul, TAPI renter space.

Here’s a list of the things we offer to our members:

  • 0% tax rate! - Rat as much as you want without any corporate taxes chipping away at that goal of a super!
  • Massive personal blueprint library - Join our blueprint mailing list, and if it still exists in Eve, there’s a good chance you can get a bpc of it!
  • Private ice belt! - Instead of any old alliance member coming in and vacuuming up that profitable ice, our ice belt is completely private for us and our valued friends!
  • Multiple moons! - We’re currently in the process of moving our four athanors, but once they’re set up we’ll be back to having moon mining available every day of the week!
  • Capital production facilities! - You wanna make capitals? We’ve got great rigs for it.
  • No mandatory CTAs! - Sick of rage pings forcing you to log on and occupy your evening’s gaming time? Join us, and you can play Eve how you want to!
  • Full mil upgrades in our system! - Love sanctums? You’re in the right place.

Like any corp, we ask things of our members:

  • Willingness to use discord/teamspeak - Can’t have good communications without somewhere to communicate, right?
  • Monthly dues - Since we don’t have a tax rate, we ask our members to contribute towards the rent for the systems the alliance rents, and towards the fuel costs for our many structures. We understand that not every person can comfortably pay the same amount, so we adjust our base ask as so: Carrier/Rorqual pilots - 750M a month; Exhumer/VNI pilots - 250M; and for our newbros, absolutely nothing!
    *Full non-expiry API upon application - This is non-negotiable, as we vet our applicants rigorously.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, post a reply, or hop into our pub channel through our ad, and we’d love to answer any questions you might have!

Hope to see you soon!

  • John Whittaker
    Recruiter, BucketHead Productions

Still open to all!

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