After a break from EVE for a few years, I have returned to find small-scale PVP and null raiding very much feeling like 2004/6 with the ESS and Neddlejack mechanics. This has been in fact the single biggest positive change for me since then.

However, I do feel EVE has a problem with hidden gameplay now. The Abyss, Wormholes, Proving grounds, etc are not healthy for the original idea of a spaceship game. Asteroid fields that are a staple of space games are barren and somewhat neglected. And this should be changed back. The Abyss is especially a problem as it sucks a large number of players out of the traditional space environments into instanced gameplay belonging in more of a fantasy MMO.

I think to keep making progress back to a healthy game CCP needs to move that content into asteroid belts and ded style complexes and anoms… The abyss may well be liked by many, especially for easy isk. But it does not belong in EVE and while many will argue against it. For the long term health of the game, it needs to go


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