Galactic Mysteries

i’ve been playing eve for a long time, i’ve tried to bring some friends into the game. unfortunately without success.
what the game really lacks is to arouse the curiosity of the players.
abyssal was a great step, especially the graphical changes that are just wow!
the guys from ccp are already thinking about adding these new environments to the existing universe, which is more a very good step to explore the systems.
everything currently looks the same, every system, a sun, a few planets. that’s all.
also the current game mechanics are very routine, accept a mission, fly to the battlefield, shoot at the npcs. done.
in low and 00 the same. even the relic and datasites are always according to the same principle.

the universe is so fascinating. it has so many secrets that we all can’t imagine. bring these mysteries and the flair to eve online!

an example that has been very well received by the community and reddit. because ccp simply has NOTHING announced what it has to do with it.
the fragments of triglavia videos sent to some players. the players were amazed and wanted to find out more. they started interacting and speculating with each other.

why shouldn’t it be part of the game?
planets scan/archeological excavations that lead you to a certain goal. an unpredictable chain of events that you have to put together like a puzzle to get a great reward out of it.

fragments of a mysterious alien/tech civilization that can give blueprints
or storylines you can find by chance.

crack in time, parallel universe, future vision, natural phenomena like sun eruption, asteroid collision, black hole and and and and…

something that can’t simply be written down in a tutorial on eve wiki, how best to do it. something that is constantly changing. something that drives the player to arouse his curiosity to keep going.
something you have to work together on, even if it’s in the enemy territory. something that either creates friendship or conflict.

what do you think?

Because they only work once.
Then… it’s no longer a secret or a mystery, and is known.

It doesn’t work in an MMO, it doesn’t even work in a second playthrough of a single player game.

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