Space is a mystery

So where is the mystery? Sadly i am consumed with predictable ai game mechanics and find myself grinding through space mechanically and as predictable as my Ai adversaries.
I dream of a space where nothing is predictable, where I will be surprised and where I’m faced with opportunities of fortune or sudden Death.
A true space of exploration, where nothing is explained, only to be discovered. Could CCP keep secrets? And play along in a mysterious Eve ?
I love eve, but space without mystery,
isn’t how the universe rolls. Peace x

Abyssal Deadspace

It’s soooo predictable, how many times before it becomes a grind ? However it’s a start in the right direction. Peace x

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I would like all pve to be far more variable and randomized.

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Yes variable and random… it must be possible… peace x

Solution: stop focusing on PvE. EVE is a PvP game, if all you’re doing is trying to play with the NPCs then you’re missing 95% of its content.

No, that’s not the solution. Pve deserves more than 5%. Who said there wouldnt be pvp ? Peace x

Then you’re playing the wrong game. EVE is a PvP game with some NPC side content.

Time will tell if that is enough. Peace x

Even if it’s a PvP game, PvE is an incredibly important part of it, let me start the list with the players’ favorite deadspace modules. Also the Machariel BPCs. And the faction modules from the LP stores (though FW LP store is more or less an alternative here). PI is also a form of PvE, that’s necessary to build the capital ships, and if I’m not mistaken, the T2 ships and modules too.
This is much more than just “some NPC side content”.


PvE is a resource to be farmed to obtain the things you need for PvP. That’s why I said EVE is 95% PvP, not 100%. You have to do PvE to obtain some resources like faction BPCs, but it isn’t at all the focus of the game. If all you’re doing is farming those resources as your primary goal then you’re missing out on the best content, and probably going to get bored and quit soon.

Sounds like you want abyssal deadspace that’ll give you a good challenge.
Also there are snippets of lore and rather old static plexes deep in nullsec however it’s up to you to go find them you can even hunt for elusive officers in their home regions.
The game is what you make it not much is dropped in your lap


Actually PvE is an annoying part of it. You get in a fight and suddenly one side has a bunch of rats on them.

Worse is the PvE players who feel somehow entitled to change a PvP game into a PvE game just because they happen to like it.

EVE is one of a kind PvP, why can’t PvEers play the dime a dozen PvE games?

If they dropped CONCORD there would be 100,000 players in a matter of days.

Pve, in every game ever made will always become predictable. It will always be ‘on the rails’ like a rollercoaster in a theme park. Even with randomised elements, it will only take a few play throughs before it is clocked and farmed. This is inevitable.

You want a truly immersive, unpredictable and challenging game? Pvp is the only way to go.

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Most players preaching pvp haven’t a clue how to fit a ship properly or get dragged around and fed targets similarly to incursion fleets.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you would remove everything that isn’t exclusively PvP (including exploring, deadspace, PI and missions) the only ships you could have would be the T1 subcapitals, to be fit with the T1 modules (not the meta versions!) and some navy version stuff that is available in the FW LP store.
If you would also remove mining because that’s also PvE - or if you would be exceptionally successful in destroying literally every single mining ship thus reducing the effectiveness of resource gathering to basically zero - then sooner or later you would be limited to corvettes with civilian modules.

Like it or not, PvE creates the stuff that PvP destroys.

Yes pve and mining generate everything pretty much from modules that can’t be built to ships rigs ammo.People don’t want to accept that EVE has a very large side focused on just gathering and building than just pvp.

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Industry is PvP not PvE. You are competing against other players to control the market, not against NPCs.

Industry only becomes PvP if you want to sell your stuff, but if you do it in a blue dead end to support your corp/alliance, and no one tries to make your job difficult, then the lack of player interaction makes it PvE.

And even if you would do it to sell on the market, you wouldn’t be able to, because no one would have any money to buy stuff. Almost all of the money (insurance is questionable) comes from PvE, at least if the last economyc report is correct which means that removing PvE would literally kill the game because the PvP would consume everything and you would be unable to trade aside from direct trading and contracts.

Have fun trying to trade two and a half cruisers for some capital components! This would probably lead to PLEX becoming the only currency in the game, and with that you can actually buy your stuff with real money.

Let me repeat myself: PvE is an incredibly important part of the game because it creates the stuff that PvP destroys.

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