Current State of Pve in New Eden

I’ve been playing eve in and out for like 7 years and Eve Online is a unique sandbox Mmorpg gives people freedom to choose a wide variety of activities and gives a wide spectrum of role playing elements. This is what makes players keep playing and never give up on Eve Online. So the most powerful side this game offers is Freedom.

The problem with Pve in Eve is to be repetitive and can easily become dull. I find exploration as fun to do in this game. It fits with my personality and I can’t see myself anywhere near ratting or mining activities. Also exploration gives me a chance to socialize while I jump through regions. Main point is, It breaks this mediocrity by randomness and chance factor. You never know what the next system is going to offer you pve and pvp wise. That makes me keep playing. Randomness of signatures and encounters with other players, social interactions with others is great for an explorer. We all have ordinary lives right? Why we’re here is to break this vicious circle within our lives and have some goals to pursue in game and have fun doing it.

Pve because of its nature and how it is implemented in this game is only a tool to save up some isk to do some Pvp. So again we come to a point that which I stated earlier, Pvp, at least to me, is the most fun part in this game. Because it’s random, you never know who is going to jump in to your system or you jump into the unknown, you don’t know which ship you’re gonna find. You need to adapt to it after some dscaning. Either you take the fight or not even if you know you’re gonna lose it, you can end up with a notification popup with a killmail! So people make this game and awesome and bring randomness.

There is this abyssal space which I find really interesting because spawns are random and you need to adapt to it. So randomness and giving some intellectual effort to adapt is a trigger to your reward system. You did give proper attention and effort and eventually you are rewarded. That gives feeling good hormones.

My suggestion is what if we have some random signals/calls or events pop up and give people something to pursue. That so called “event” will be all random in spawns ships etc. You go there and do scouting and some analysis on what you need to bring for the best outcome. So there will be some mental effort that knowing eventually you get greatly rewarded can make people follow. There could be events that can be soloed or you need to interact with more people to bring more numbers. That would bring real interest to the game and can possibly attract more people’s attention. I’m not good at brainstorming, I’m just giving some insights from my gameplay and if you come up with a unique design which can be a pioneer to the gaming industry.

Currently in Pve part of the game what you do is, go to the site with an ordinary ship that you know you can easily run the site with ordinary spawns with exactly the same placement in all of the time in that particular combat site. Where is the adaptation and intellectual effort to put in to get greatly rewarded in return.

To sum up, I just don’t want to make people who do enjoy doing pve in current meta. Just want to share my humble opinion on the current state of pve as a tool for pvp. I want to make things more enjoyable for all eve online community with my limited intellectual capacity. I do love this game guys, there are no other games like eve online. Let’s do some constructive comments and create a gaming environment that no other game can match with Eve Online!

(Also even though I like exploration, it’s also need rework :stuck_out_tongue: and made this thread in an hour so it’s only an insight of my gameplay point of view, hope I made my point clear :frowning: )

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