Seperate gamemodes for PVP and PVE

I have come and gone from the eve game many times.

when i have come back usually within a week i leave again because the constant pvp makes the game lack fun when i play. I prefer to warp into areas where there are no players and engage with the environment. shoot rats, follow the story line that sort of thing.

Each time there is a re balance of the game for example ice fields now being in low sec and very limited in availability that has really pulled a lot of the fun i had with the game.

The ganking makes high sec rubbish to play and the constant attacked from other players makes playing in low sec uninteresting.

having my gear blown up every week wasting real world money i payed into the game really doesn’t make for a fun game, so i find myself leaving the game and not playing for 12 or 24 months.

What would make this game a lot better is if the player can select if they want to engage in PVP or Non PVP conduct. so have a mode selection when you first log in and that character binds to that setting and cant be changed. This mode would make the player unable to target and fire on other player ships the same as others would be unable to directly attack the player.

If something like that was implemented into the game i would probably find myself actually playing the game full time again. because there is nothing fun about having your gear blown up all the time. probably fun for the other player but there is a name we give people IRL who have fun going around making other people miserable and thats called a bully.

Why would a game company change their entire game for someone who


I quit playing Minecraft because they forced PvP on my server.

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ok now lets put that back into context shall we.

It is because of that conduct that makes me leave the game all the time and stop playing.

hence why i said

When i build out a ship to fight rats only to have a player warp in blow me up and laugh then fly off that makes me log out and not play anymore.

Maybe you simply have the wrong impression about what game you are playing. If you can’t stand being shot, don’t play a mass-multiplayer-open-pvp-game.

The X-series offers all you want: Space, SciFi, NPCs, resource harvesting, empire building, fancy graphics and a storyline. And all that without a subscription fee. Best of luck there!


You know Elite Dangerous has a PVE mode and a separate mode where you can encounter other players?

Star Trek Online also has a PVP arena (no one uses it :joy: :joy:)

:joy: :joy: :joy:


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no i don’t think so. the game as it is now is no where near what it was when i used to play full time in 2007-2009 i know that.s 15 years ago but still. there seems to be a lot more spawn camping by gankers at stations now than even last time i played.

Not sure if its just the system that i am playing in, Ice fields that i was set up to mine no longer exist anymore and now the fields that i do know the locations for get mined bare before i can actually play. they are not friendly to people in other timezone who don’t have the luxury of being able to play when they re spawn.

and the market inflation seems absolutely ridiculous, to be able to afford a ship you have to spend like $40 to buy plex so that you can get isk to buy a ship now. back when i used to play it full time you could get enough isk to play the game for a while by selling a plex on the market.

and the other thing that is grinding my gears a little is constantly having to retrain skills that i had already trained to the current fit out of my ships. i have hundreds of ships across the map that i can’t operate the fit out because the training has been remapped.

If they make the game to your liking, someone who clearly isn’t capable of realising he’s playing the wrong game and who just can’t put any sort of effort into anything it seems, if that means current loyal customers will dislike the change and possibly leave?

Why are you that important?


X4 and Elite Dangerous are that way ----> You missed that left back there at Albuquerque.


Ice Anomalies respawn every 6 hours after the last ice roid is popped, so you have 4 opportunities each day to mine ice.

EVE is much more “friendly” than it used to be. You can no longer war dec anyone and everyone for any or no reason at all. You can no longer place bounties on player’s heads for any or no reason at all. Alphas can no longer gank in high sec. You can no longer keep ships perma-bumped. You get free SP and skins just for logging in. What more do you want?


Everyone got better in your absence. Gankers learned how to gang up, spot good targets and kill them quickly. Why should the game protect you because you didn’t get better in avoiding them? I am not being ganked in HighSec and I have Alts that move billions around, daily. Learn the game, don’t ask the Devs to protect you from other players who are simply better than you are.
And if you really can’t stand Gankers, move to some godforsaken HighSec Island and do your business there, I know systems where nobody has been ganked in a YEAR.

Ice is a resource that has some value because people need it to build fuel blocks. So as soon as it spawns, people will harvest it. If you come to late, who is to blame? Others are obviously just faster than you are. Since the belts respawn every some hours, TimeZone is no excuse, they respawn in all timezones.

Totally bullocks. Nowadays you can make ISK at such ridiculous rates, the inflation doesn’t even matter. It is way easier to afford a Battleship right now than it was in 2009 because the opportunities to make ISK are so much higher now.

Doubt. The last time I have noticed CCP changing Skill requirements (Refining Skills made a requirement for using Mining Crystals), CCP refunded all the previous skills so you could re-allocate them. And for most ships and modules the skill requirements haven’t changed at all, or if, only insignificantly.


as I have now said more than once.

I once was one of those loyal players who did play the game with an active ongoing subscription on multiple accounts. THEN THEY CHANGED IT.

additionally SiSi used to be running full time to allow that sort of game play that is no longer the case.

So if your not willing to acknowledge that these changes over time have eroded the experience for people who PVE in this game your entitled to your opinion but unlike minecraft as someone mentioned above, i cant just simply create my own eve online sandbox that allows me to play the way i want to.

Why does people wanting to play the game in their own way upset you?

Gankers play the way they are wanting to play, and apparently that upsets you, so…

You sound like a quitter.

It’s not possible to be this wrong and dumb.


good to see the forums are as toxic as ever. i guess some things don’t change

Having said that, I do think that PvE-only players should have their own little handful of systems where there is no PvP allowed. The caveat being that no ISK, materials, or ships obtained in those “safe” zones can be exported out, and no ISK, materials, or ships from outside of that “safe” zone can be imported in. That way whatever you do in that “safe” zone will not affect the server-wide market in any way.

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That doesn’t work because how are you going to differentiate between Isk made there or somewhere else. It would have to be its own instance which is against the whole “one server” and “competitive” thing that is EVE.