Buffer or Active Tank for Plan

Suppose a group had a plan to send an Occator through a low sec gate (so no dealing with bubbles) and then kill anyone who takes the bait. Opposition is expected to not be more than 7 ships, if the scout reports a larger gate camp, the bait is not sent through because a fair fight isn’t what the group has in mind.

If the bait is taken, the group piles in with tackle frigates, DPS cruisers, DPS battlecrusiers, a battleship, EWAR, and a single T2 Logi. Eh maybe a more balanced fleet might make more sense, but if opposition is expected to be small, enough DPS ships can overpower them.

Should the DPS battlecruisers use a buffer or an active tank? On one hand, an active tank needs a lot more capacitor than armor and shield hardeners. On the other hand, in small scale fights, there is much less danger of being destroyed in one volley so a repair module can activate.

Buffer keeps em alive longer and has lower skill requirements to fit. But oversized reps keeps them more self sufficient


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