PvP tanks

Buffer tank, repper, or resistance?

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It Depends™

For what?

Solo PvP.

It still depends…

Its highly situational, depending mostly on the ship you are flying, who you plan to take on, and the area of space you are operating in…

also factor in playstyle, are you a brawler or a coward.


I agree with those who say that “it depends” on your preferred tactics, ship choice and potential targets. I think people often look for the “right answer” when there is rarely one universally recognized way to do things. However, there are a lot of universally recognized INCORRECT ways to tank, so If you want unambiguous answers, I’d focus on steering clear of those (like shield tanking a ship bonused for armor).

Also, the generally agreed upon categories of tanking are buffer, active, passive and remote (along with the avoidance categories of range tank and speed tank, which are actually some of the most successful in a lot of PVP engagements).

Again, it depends.

For example I have 2 different fittings for my thorax (Gallente cruiser) each for their own purpose.

Fit #1 is an armor buffer tank with the holes plugged, its not meant for extensive high DPS battles, its more of an anti-frigate/destroyer platform as its equipped with high tracking guns and dual webs.

Fit #2 is an active dual armor rep tank with a limited buffer, this one is designed to take on other cruisers, so it has to be able to tank sustained damage while dealing a decent amount of DPS to the target using heavier, but lower tracking guns.

OP to help you understand the “flaw” of your own question: It is like if someone asks you “What is the best tool to build a house? Is it hammer, drill, saw?”.

As with all analogies it is not perfect but I think it well illustrates that “it all depends” and practically all of them are needed for the whole construction work but each has its own use in a specific case where it is used and useless in others, thus there is no best instead there is a best for a specific case, so it all depends on the situation.

and once again passive is forgotten q.q

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So let me ask this. Assume solo PvP. Assume two up-close brawlers. Assume hulls are the same class - for instance two battleships or two battlecruisers. Is there some rule of thumb, like “the action will be so fast, don’t bother active tanking - use buffer” (I’ve actually heard that). Or “buffer tank will go down so fast your head will spin - gotta use repper with lots of cap boosters.” Etc.

Are there some rules of thumb, or a single rule of thumb?


well its not even that simple

short term solo

a booster shield fit will be better

with armor short term solo you are better off with buffer.

but shields are not done simply because short term is where they shine.

a passive or buffer fit can still “burst” with shields and depending on hull a passive tank can make you unkillable 1v1 unless the enemy has a nuet.

now you also have to look at ship bonuses. some ships are bonused with extra hit points others are bonused to active reppers. some ships respond really well to passive shield tanks others don’t. not only that but the rules above are also flexible based on ship class. for example armor frigates don’t buffer well do to low base HP and that buffer takes away their speed.

speed brings me onto another point you seem to have also forgotten signature/speed tanking. while for the most part people think about this with small ship vs bigger ship there are many ships in eve that can be built to speed tank their own class or in the case of the SFI even some smaller ships. At the same time all ships need to think about sig tanking as 1v1 it can mean the difference between a lost fight an a winning fight. if you know your guns track better do your best to have higher traversal if you know yours are slower you want to be lowering traversal as much as you can.

I mean hell even the universal rule of “never duel tank” isn’t exactly universal as there are fits that fit things like ASB and ARR or an armor rep and bulkheads.

speed/sig tank


EDIT: This is to OP, hit the wrong reply button.

Reality Check:
Where will you find these 1v1 fights?
Especially the ones with the same class ship?

Your first mistake was “solo” after that everything else will become “why you got pod killed” at some future point.

Join a corp.

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I don’t tend to find them, they tend to find me. Oh, the other ones find me too, but I don’t think there’s much I can do when I’m outnumbered 10 to 1, so I’m not asking about that.

Again, 1) they tend to find me, and 2) there’s probably less I can do about the mismatches, so I’m more interested in the former. Also, 3) we needed a starting point to this thread, to get out of the chain of ‘it depends.’ Same ship class seemed as good a place to start as any.

I don’t need the snark. I’m well aware that I’ll be killed plenty - in fact that already happens. I have never declared myself as some elite PvP’er, and never will. I’m under no illusions. I’d just like to learn enough, if possible, to take away some of the mystery about how I died the way I did, or how the other guy’s tank never got scratched while mine melted like butter, etc.

Much easier said than done, for some of us anyway.

I dare you to tell that a fleet of Tornados right in the face. : - )

That is one of the really, really nice things with EVE: There is no overall best tank. Not even for one on one fights in BC/BS at brawling distance.

If I had to choose I would say armor repairers are a good bet as long as no neuts are involved, But that is more an educated guess than anything and perhaps more based on the fact that solo fits need midslots for tackle, range control and application anyway.

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