Question on the curse passive shield tank?

So as far as PvP is concerned is a passive shield tank better or go for an active since using energy drains is definitely possible?

  • Also energy nuets for passive?

  • and Nosferatu for an active?

What kind of pvp? Solo? Fleet? Lowsec? Wormhole?

Just try it out, die a few times, and see what you like the most!

I do see both. Abyssal ones tend to be active while low and nullsec ones (even the solo ones) tend to be buffer. If you are in a fleet, buffer is the way to go.

Assuming you mean “A shield fitted Curse”.
As others will say: horses for courses.

Passive recharge - even if you maximize it - is rarely worth considering in combat against another player. The incoming DPS will generally swamp it. In a fleet, buffer fitting more normal, especially if remote boosting logistics is fielded.

A common fit for a Curse is to use weapon disruption and a massive assault as your defence. Suppress their ability to hurt you, remove their ability to manoeuvre or repair and let your drones chew them up.

You’re critical question isn’t “is an active shield better” but “is this a good target for a Curse?”.

Planning on Pochven mostly.

Well, if the drones can do it, mostly I plan on PvE but in Pochven you need to be ready for PvP.

Buffer tank usually the way to go.

You wanna neut and scoot then?

I really don’t think the Curse is all that great for PVE. I would recommend the Huginn if you wanna be invisible. Those arties hit hard.

Humm, this is also a possibility, thanks.

That’s basically the question for every ship you fly in general not just the Curse.

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