[BUG?] Factional NPC ships should have somewhat "realistic" characteristics

In factional warfare, NPC cruisers are particularly quick.
They can reach top speeds of 4000m/s. Faster than a navy frigate on MWD.

In order to compare I tried a Vagabond (fastest cruiser according to eve-univ) 50MN, lows dedicated to agility / speed, rigged with auxiliary thrusters, not even close to 4km/s. It might be done with snake implants. But at this point better try and fit a 500MN right?

I don’t mind some NPC ships having super-powers, like the sleepers whom snipe you from 300km omni damage. It’s charming as long as it is consistent.

Anyway, I think it’s a bug what do you think?

Totally agree.

Warframe for example took it up a notch and made NPCs roughly equal to players as they were pretty much dummy targets about 3 years ago.

People might argue as capsuleers our ships should be different from crewed NPC ships. I honestly disagree. A ship is still the same ship with the same stats if it had a crew/captain compared to a capsuleer.

Marauders need a PVE equivalent when it comes to missions but that is an entirely different mess: :laughing:

It’s intended.

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