From Beacon to roast Bacon in just one click

Dear CCP ,

I keep thinking about a recent loss and it keeps irritating me to find it remarkable that a NPC battleship is capable to lock you so fast and have an long warp disruptor point range and spits volley of doom like a sieged dread and is capable to apply/track you like only a frigate should.

This concerns the beacon which is names “Outpost” with either Jove, Sleeper battleships or whatever OP lore has been put init.

The NPC is just being smacked into our faces and find myself in a suicide site/beacon which doesnt show any warning to let you know you just warping into something and are going to die in a ball of fire.

For me PVP is meant to provide content not only for myself but also for other people in this game and not just to be killed by some overpowered NPC which you couldn’t do jack … against., I rather much die to other player(s).

Please make these sites scannable only because like how its set up now its just suicide and not even fair gameplay or “immersive” at all.

This is what went down:

Upon landing in the site/beacon and tried my escape.
I noticed three sleepers/jove battleships I know they can do alot of DPS so I dont hassitate and turn on my “Adaptive Invulnerability Field” and warp out.
Within seconds I noticed I’am being pointed (disruptor) so I align and activate th After Burner to create transversal (because nano Battleships ftw).
I Wait till I; am in line to activate the “Large Micro Jump Drive” also activating the “Large Shield Booster” as my shield take a massive beating.
I take drugs “Improved Blue Pill Booster” to increase shield repair amount.
Takes 10 seconds before you actualy do a “Micro Jump Drive” 100km away from in this case the NPC’s.
Than noticing I am already at 1% structure only more volley and I am a goner and so it was to be recked by a freaking NPC which is just OP.

Thought ok I can come in an interceptor and scoop my loot that dropped.
So I warped to said character and landed ~3000m afway from the wreck.
I didnt activate the MWD as its increases SIG and wanted to buy myself as much time as possible before I could get locked by these NPC’s so I started turning for the wreck scooped the loot and right after instantly alpha’d away from the field thats just … insane a T2 frigate being locked that fast thats insane no fair gameplay at all thats just abysmal.

At least give us capsuleers an honourable death.
And change these sites to scannable only.

Sincerely yours,
Capt CyberClone
an EVE:Online Capsuleer o7

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I bet next time you won’t just warp around willy nilly!

FC my ship got blown up. What do?

I think the issue is this game has wow like bosses err npcs. To be more pvp like a npc ship should have similar capabilities of a player ship. But since an npc has no chance vs the human mind in a dynamic tactical environment they have to cheat to win. Usually better stats. I understand what the OP is saying but at the same time but sometimes the only way to challenge a person is to up the damage of npcs as well as give them abilities players dont have access to.

On the flip side of that, they could make NPCs feel more like pvp if they:

  1. Make NPCs run away if they’re not pointed and about to lose their ship
  2. Start giving NPC battleships 200k EHP and NPC frigates 3km/s MWD speeds (with accompanying sig bloom) or 1.5km/s ABs (without sig bloom).
  3. Give them a player level of dps output to match their tank and speed.

Even if they chopped the number of NPCs in half to account for said NPCs having real ships.

Good lord above, can you imagine a combat anomaly full of NPCs with Burner AI or FOB AI?

You would have less of them and they would be worth more apiece. On the plus cant semi-afk sleep threw em.

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You tried to solo drifters?
Yeh thats not gonna happen in anything sub capital. If it was really drifters, you tried to destroy the single most powerfull NPC in the entire game.
Think of this like trying to do a 25 man Hardmode WOW raid solo.

CCP went “kill all the capsuleers” some time ago with introduction of drifters. HTFU and all of that.

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