Is it just me or ships tend to move nearly 50-100% faster than they used to a decade ago.

Having any non frigate sized hull close a 30 km gap in under 10 seconds just wasn’t thing back in my day, unless it was meme fit with little tank or spank.

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It depends what time frame you are talking about. I remember times when certain interceptor where going 10km/a. So my answer is: no.
Speed is much more balanced today.

CCP has talked about possible bringing speed back down.

I believe you wanted to say per second, not per year (anno).

If you look for the “need for speed” forum thread, you can find the claw and the Crusader being able to go 16km/s now cold with an oversized mwd and the Punisher going 14km/s.

They are the fastest ships in New Eden.

Oversized AB/MWD are not a big issue, as they take ages to get to max. Speed and while using them you basically can‘t turn into any direction without significanty loose speed and it takes again ages to even turn 90 degrees.

In the past some ceptors did. over 10km/s with regular MWD.

In the very distant past, even battleships could go that fast because multiple MWDs were allowed, and the effects stacked.


I remember a snaked Taranis going 10km/s or more with 2x mwd on…

Eh? I remember when I could get a T3 link ship past 15km/s and have it be completely unprobable. When the Dramiel was uncatchable and the Cynabal ruled over all other cruisers. Or when you could fit 2 MWDs to a Raven and torp someone at 75 km. When light missiles were 100% useless and ineffective because you could simply outrun them. So no, speed has NOT gotten worse. It’s definitely gone down. Has it gone down far enough? Perhaps not, but we haven’t been getting faster. CCP is just making the wrong ships fast. Ships with huge range, long falloff, or damage that doesn’t change with distance, oh yea, let’s make those mega fast. Close range ships that need to be under 10km to do any damage at all should be fat and slower than dirt. Yea, makes sense. No balance problems to be seen here.


Speed buffs suicide gankers, so CCP will always buff ship speed, because they’re worthless trolls.

The speedcreep was introduced with the T1 cruisers (roughly 20% up) rework, and several ships that were already going fast had that pronounced as a feature. Many ships were adjusted around those more mobile T1 cruisers, like AFs for example.

The average ship did not necessarily become 50-100% faster, but ship’s that were fast disappointments have become usable. Since a lot of small ships became viable again, the entire meta started to form around those new top speeds and hulls received speed/agility buffs soon after those new speedy offenders hit the scene.

The game/ pvp has gotten faster overall…
~ t2 ammo dmg buff, t2 ammo in faction mods
~ omni hardeners resist nerf
~ warp speed buffs
~ yeet filaments

There was a nerf to oversized prop mods (fitting increase) now you need storyline (150mil+) instead of for example t1 compact or faction to make a decent fit. Idk about speed… sure some ships got speed buffs because they weren’t used or not on pair with other similar hulls, but It’s also players who became more 3lite and fit for speed… According to Chessur speed=tracking (and life).

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