Bug in ESI: Race Jove, blood drfter

Only for reporting the general entrypoint, return me jove as race, and drifter as bloodline.

Is happening in minmatar and caldari pilots at least

“ancestry_id”: 64,
“birthday”: “2021-05-30T19:31:11Z”,
“bloodline_id”: 19,
“corporation_id”: 1000171,
“description”: "Alumni from the Republic University’s Institute of Exploration are known for their daring forays into the most inhospitable biomes in New Eden. ",
“gender”: “female”,
“name”: “***”,
“race_id”: 16,
“security_status”: 0.020978631

The race 16 is jove.

EVE Swagger Interface return alliances, not the chrraces table

What? Is this a game issue, or an issue with an app? You posted in 3rd party dev section. So this section pertains to apps created by those not in CCP


ESI bugs should be reported at: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub, not the forums.

This is happening only to alpha, in my own projects.

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