Bug module nosferatu

j’ai utilisé un module nosferatu sur un golem et je vous met en photo l’erreur que j’ai eu.
De plus, il est noté dans le tooltips 15km hors je peux l’utiliser à 25 km…

j’ai un neutra qui fonctione bien, cependant le nosfe je ne l’ai pas pas testé. A suivre…

I’d help out, but this is a english only language part of the forum. There is a french portion Forum Français - EVE Online Forums that you can direct any questions in French.

I used a nosferatu module on a golem and I put you in picture the error I had.
In addition, it is noted in the tooltips 15km out I can use it at 25 km …

Seems like a text error, maybe a bug in the french localisation?

Have you make a bug report ingame?

I think the 15km is the optimal range, and you can use it further out with less effect. I may be wrong, I rarely use neuts and noses.


you can activate a module up to optimal +3×falloff


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