Bug with drugs, can't take another pill once it expires

Happens every day now, can’t take another pill until downtime, please fix it!

Could you supply a little more information? like what sort of Booster Pill are you refering to? where have you tried to consume the pill; in space, in NPC station or in Structure?

Have you tried asking in the ingame Help Chat if anyone else have experienced it, if not then you might want to submit a support ticket here. If someone else happens to be able to reproduce your issue then it may even be appropriate to file a Bug Report (via ingame F12 menu).

But first, examine possibilities as I’ve mention above. Then once that is done try have a few other people try recreate your problem/issue and if they can then you should all file a Bug Report

Thanks for your response.

I already filled a bug report aswell as 2 help tickets.

Steps to reproduce :
Take a Standard Blue pill or Standard Exile in station
Undock, go fight, jump around and wait for it to expire
Try to take a new blue pill or exile, says you’re already under the effect of it and you can’t until downtime.

Things that could help reproduce it :
Take an Agency Tank booster with the blue pill / exile
Swap clones in a citadel if there’s too many side effects caused by the blue pill, take a new one.

Once the bug occurs, jump cloning to another station doesn’t help, death doesn’t help, ejecting from ship doesn’t help, logging off doesn’t help, GM couldn’t remove the debuff either when I filled a ticket.
The only solution is to wait after downtime

See : https://imgur.com/a/n9etO

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