Bugs and other Issues with the new feature

:red_circle: pings every few seconds while salvaging
:red_circle: pings on undocking when i put stuff in my cargo bay
:red_circle: ping sound can’t be muted in advanced settings
:red_circle: pings on unpackaging ships, pushing the new ship to position one and thereby the stack im trying to unpackage away from the mouse location
:red_circle: pings when an item is equiped by draging a stack into the fitting window - but doesn’t leave a red dot on the stack to play fetch and get rid of the red number in the sidebar
:red_circle:it’s ugly and makes noise

Dear Devs - this is not just whining - it’s a SHITTY FEATURE
Get your f-ing ■■■■ togeter and add a f-ing option to opt out THIS downtime PLEEEEEASE
thank you for your attention


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