Building Metric for Trading Technique - Be Alpha

Obligatory Note - technique refers to your personal ability to do something, juxtapose your skill levels which makes it easier to have no technique, like an Omega.

  • Levels in trade? 1
  • Highest Gross Profit margin achieved so far? 17.2%
  • Highest Net Profit came out to about 10% after you minus 3% broker’s and what is it? 3% tax? Don’t even know, it’s irrelevant. The game does all the math for you. Just look at the fees, and subtract them from your spread.

So I’ve considered I mastered my scan technique once I could crack Level IV/V sites with a 680k isk fitted Imicus.

Now, it’s time to improve trading, so this thread is a metric discussion for all noobs, including me. And I have to say my first trades went well. 300k isk profit per trade, just dabbling my feet. I think I wiped out some of that profit by my first bad trades. Here’s my first recommendation.

Metric - anything that allows you to know your progress in building technique.

Here’s my advice so far.

  1. Find good spreads (buy low sell high duh?)
  2. Dabble in those spreads, the market history volume metric seems to be unreliable, so just place an order, see how long it fulfills. Keep an idea of this.
  • I have litterally been unable to fulfill orders that trade millions of units a day. The volume history is a crapshoot for a metric. Probe it yourself.
  1. Place some trades and get the hell out of there. It’s not profitable if you’re sitting there studying the damn market and whatever. Just do 1 & 2 for now.

Need capital? PM me. All my advice is free.

First free advice? Don’t listen to the Omegas that whine other people don’t know anything, they think they own the place because they payed to be here. They got maxed out SP alts on career paths and have no technique

Be Alpha

my advice to new players:
don’t listen too much what this guy says. He posts everywhere in this forum, giving advices to new players, which is great, but whereas some of his advices are right, some of them are wrong, and he does not seem to have full knowledge of what he is talking about
he gave some wrong advices about scanning
he wants to try to speed tank and hack non-pirate relic/data sites in wormholes, without killing sleepers in a t1 frig
he asked very noob questions about things which are very easily found on the net using google
so even if i am totally bad in trading, i would be very cautious about what OP says. Specially when he writes “don’t listen to the Omegas… they have no technique”
I am quite sure that usual experimented traders have some technique. OP also wrote “after you minus 3% broker’s and what is it? 3% tax? Don’t even know, it’s irrelevant” which shows that he doesn’t know the basics of what he is talking about
I would suggest you first to read good guides about the topic you are interested in. There are some about trading. For example google “eve guide trading” gives you this one, where you can learn many things, including how to decrease broker’s fee…

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