[WIP] Market Warfare Techniques

The OP will constantly be edited for new techniques.

I have little market experience. This thread will be for me to hone my skills, share and discuss the concepts as I see them, and learn from others.


  • Buy order price float.
  • Buy out low sales prices
  • Do not buy low and sell high. Rather, grow, add, or walk.
  • More to come

When someone undercut you for a price higher than your selling taxes, buy out all his orders and add them to yours, Wich have higher prices xD

So I sell an item for 100 isk and someone undercut me for 80 isk , I buy all his orders and sell for 100

I totally agree but for 1.6billion in that example for what came down to being off by less than 10million profit.

I wa more worried I didnt understand the market and thought the price would sink to that new low.

I said to do that only if the guy undercut you for a good ammount of isk. If undercut is around 10-15% I’m doing it, cause then I got some profit even paying the taxes. I got a lot of orders, so 10 mill here, 10 mill there is good isk in the long run

Bait people into undercutting you, by posting items at competitive prices but in terrible locations, eg lowsec stations.

When people undercut you, buy their stock & relist high


@Sabriz_Adoudel Good to see you’re still around. How’s the markets going?

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I don’t know if it’s instinctual or they do it on purpose…but I often see the market be tethered to indicators such as the different tax rates and the buy orders.

Very intrigued by what drives a traders decisions

A) 0.01 ISK buy orders but combine with another high digit change. It annoys manual players and makes it easy to spot bots & other automation who will nuke your awkward spreadsheet in seconds as per norm despite the higher digit change. Can’t say if CCP give a crap on the report but market botters don’t last anywhere like they used to.

There are some old posts about these things, too. For example there are relevant parts in: the old Market Discussions FAQ (from when there was an official EVE wiki), and coverage by EVE University at https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Trading.

I would provide more links, but apparently I’m considered a “new user” of this forum, and so am permitted only two.

Damn, I’ll look forward to more discussion about this. Right now I’m just learning how to best push my own crafted stuff lol…

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