Building supers on sisi

I remember a long time ago that if you asked a GM to speed up a super build, they would work some magic and get it done. Is that possible nowadays?

it is possible when time permits tho i’ve not recently gotten them to do it u can use the industrial complex i think to reduce the build time to like a week or maybe it’s 2 i was building supers and titans on sisi for a long time but it just seemed like so much of a chore moving the parts from station to station so i’ve given up and havent been back on sisi in this mirror

I have one cooking now.
/boostsov so you can more quickly enable building capitals on the ihub.
Took a couple of hours to move the parts from station to sotiyo - one person - new freighter each time rather than flying back.
Will take about 16days to complete with my skills.

Yeah, just started the construction of an Aeon, not sure if it’ll finish before the next mirror.

It’s not currently possible, in fact we made it against the rules to ask some time ago.

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Thanks for answering.

What kind of World are we living in, where it’s against the rules to ask a question?


A world where people ask inane, annoying, or unnecessary questions hundreds of times, taking up moderator time to answer those questions with the same single word: no.

Are you by any chance an anarchist or a liberal?



I’m not American.

LOL. I know. I am.

Love ya babe. Nice shitposting btw, it’s triggering me big time :stuck_out_tongue:

My greatest weapon is knowledge…


The world where the answer to the question you wanted to ask is contained within the rules. It’s a time/bandwidth issue, and an issue of consistency.

You could always make yourselves “not appear” in local.

That way you could be just like other Gods, invisible and too important to bother with the issues of mere mortals.

:raised_hands: :church: :pray:

As in doing fudge-all as a result of them being non-existent? :wink:

On-topic though:
Having a test server to play with [within reason] is awesome in on itself, not mention the tools we, players, already have [copyskills, bostsov, copyships, friggin’ moveme (!)…], so maybe asking devs for Titan handouts (deliberate exaggeration) might be a tad over the top, no? :slight_smile:

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I’ve played on the test server for as long as it has existed. If CCP were smart they would seed everything and be done with it. Then and only then could they say STFU whenever someone complained. But then their friends wouldn’t be happy with everyone having Supers and Titans…

How about no?

Obviously you didn’t play when they did seed everything.

That’s nice, provoke the happy fun ball. Why don’t they just ban you so we don’t have to listen to your shitposting about how you know what’s best for Eve. There’s an idea