Put Sisi Back Up

(Aeon Herzog) #1

It’s my life pls dad

(CCP Habakuk) #2

It is back. And no, the timing has nothing to do with you asking :sunglasses:

(CCP Habakuk) #3

I should add: Singularity has been updated with the first build for the July release. Not everything is enabled yet, but for example the Tech3 Cruiser conversion has already happened (but several of the bonuses are not setup yet). Proper feedback threads will be posted later (probably tomorrow).

(Mhari Dson) #4

Launcher shows it as offline but it is accepting connections.

(May'n Nome) #5

It would be easier to start playing with and testing them if the ships and subsystems were seeded to the market.

(Mhari Dson) #6

it’s not fully put together, simulator will give stats but was more than they could get done this week, we should have more to work with after the weekend.

(CCP Goliath) #7

This has been fixed now and the launcher should once again show the correct status of Sisi

(Aeon Herzog) #8

Ur lying i know it

(Clandestiny) #9

The new forums are almost as bad as the amount of information we get about the Test Server…


(Aeon Herzog) #10

Sounds about right. Such an unintuitive thread list.

(Clandestiny) #11

Check your dictionary…


(Aeon Herzog) #12

For what, kid?

(Clandestiny) #13

I’ll be happy to point out the fact that you made a mistake, but I will NOT draw you a picture.

(Aeon Herzog) #14

Where’s this legendary typo I made? Better not be referring to “Ur lying i know it” because if you take that seriously you have issues.

(Clandestiny) #15

Who said anything about a typo?

Is that what they use dictionaries for where you’re from :nerd: ?