Bumping AFK Cloakers with Supers In HighSec

The new thread to end all threads! :rofl: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We might as well, since ISD don’t seem to care anymore!

I will bump Salt Foambreaker with a Nyx if his proposal passes.


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:ok_hand: + :100: best thread ever!

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afk orcas cloakers.

But when you bump the AFK Cloaker, your Super should go suspect… :rofl:

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That works because I was thinking when a super bumps a cloaky frigate the frigate blows up…


Ohhhhhh… nice

I think, if you change it to “suicide ganking supers”, it’d be perfect!

Oh you misunderstood, crashing into cloaky frigates and blowing them up doesn’t summon CONCORD…

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How…did I miss this post?

I feel like this thread needs more mining. Maybe “Bumping AFK Cloakers with Mining Supers in Hisec”?


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